Payment systems

There are many jurisdictions in the world with loyal conditions for doing business and accepting payments. They guarantee confidentiality, do not perform the currency control, release from taxes (partially or completely). It is advantageous to do business in such countries, in particular, to register payment systems and manage cash flows.

An assistance in the passage of the whole procedure – from choosing of the jurisdiction and preparing the documents to obtaining the registration certificate – shall be provided by the employees of “Prifinance”. Having a solid theoretical basis and a great practical experience, we can guarantee the result and efficiency in solving problems of any complexity.

A payment system registration with the support of “Prifinance” shall take place quickly, legally, with maximum benefit to the customer. A cooperation with us will ensure:

  • a time saving;
  • a release from routine troubles and bureaucratic delays by transferring this work to the employees of “Prifinance”;
  • a protection from risks of errors and non-compliance with legal norms;
  • a help in solving a set of tasks, whether it is a payment system registration, an establishing of company or receiving a residence permit.

“Prifinance” company helps customers in obtaining modern services for payments in electronic form. The payment system license is an effective tool with which a development of business in a global scale is possible.  It allows to integrate the company into the world financial information processing systems and significantly expand the customer base. For a full-fledged work in the Internet environment, an entrepreneur needs a lot of permissions – an EMI license that allows you to issue quasi-money, a permission to organize a processing center, and so on. Employees of “Prifinance” will help at all stages of these digital tools implementation.

We will undertake all stages of Electronic Money Institution and virtual services for payments implementation. Among the products and services of “Prifinance”, there are:

  • FKTK-license – obtaining of an approval of the Commission for Finance and Capital Market;
  • licensing and implementation of processing – organization of a multifunctional automated data center for global payment services;
  • an assistance in documentation of the issuer status and an electronic money  issue permission – granting licenses for their issuance (EMI) and a right to use it outside the payment system;
  • an organization of Internet cash registers, access to virtual settlement systems and so on.

The license of electronic money, processing and payment system is necessary for all entrepreneurs wishing to become a part of the network business community. Using them, the company can work with customers without tying in to its and their location. “Prifinance” is ready to assist in the mobility, efficiency and profitability of your business increasing.

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