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Highly qualified specialists are competent to solve the following tasks:

  • Setting up enterprises;
  • Abroad company registration;
  • Resident companies purchases;
  • Opening of bank accounts in reliable foreign banks;
  • Assistance in getting licenses for brokerage companies, casino, payment systems, banks;
  • Providing consulting, legal and auditing services of any level of complexity.

Work with lowtax zones

In terms of conducting a successful business, is not always advisable to be limited to domestic market of the city, region and even country. In terms of internal instability, globalization and the development of international relations the entrepreneurs are seeking to expand the sphere of influence, diversify risks and optimize costs; to ensure guarantees of capital preservation and confidentiality. All this may be obtained by extending activities in lowtax zones - so called tax havens. These are countries or separate territories with loyal laws for non-resident business.

Why is it relevant?

To have a representative office is prestigious. This explains the popularity that lowtax zones acquired today. Foreign partners will often work more willingly with a company incorporated in Hong Kong (one of the main financial centers of the world) and the Seychelles (with loyal conditions of taxation) than with a domestic company. Moreover, well-chosen lowtax can not only reduce the tax burden, but also get you access to the banking system of a developed country. Here, in the conditions of economic and political stability it is much easier to preserve and increase capital with lowtax bank accounts.

Lowtax are the object of increased interest. As a rule, the registration procedure is simple but requires knowledge and time which a businessman doesn’t always have. It is necessary to select the best lowtax, review legislation, take into account all the details. It is possible to immerse your head in this process or to take care of your own time trusting all efforts to the “Prifinance". In the second case it will be able to focus on the core activities that will have a positive impact on the financial result.

For businessmen considering making an lowtax company a necessary step on the road to success, the opportunity promises a lot of benefits:

  • minimal involvement in the process;
  • lowtax "turnkey" with set of documents, consultations, support of the “Prifinance" experts at all stages;
  • error probability reduction to zero;
  • time savings;
  • anonymity;
  • a wide range of related services and so on.

Lowtax company formation is suitable for all kinds of activities that are not declared illegal. Some of them require additional licensing (insurance, banking). And it’s most advantageous to locate in loyal lowtax jurisdictions to the companies which activities are related to:

  • export-import operations;
  • international trade;
  • banking;
  • airline industry;
  • crewing;
  • IT and so on.


To every customer we have an individual approach, - we develop plans and options to conduct business, taking into account the specifics of the customer's activities. "Prifinance" is an independent structure which, unlike brokers, provides a full range of services, ensures a guarantee of professional work and responds promptly to inquiries. As the result we’re:

  • saving customer’s money and time;
  • providing protection from risks;
  • searching the ways to improve the indicators of efficiency (profitability);
  • giving a possibilities to use competencies of highly specialized officers, which cannot be found in the staff of the customers’ companies;
  • providing confidentiality.

Comparing the different companies and their offers for registration of lowtax companies, you would hardly see a similar list of opportunities and benefits. We register companies in on-shore, work with any initial information, we support business in a foreign legislation that may be unfamiliar to you, create a solid basis for prosperity and increasing of welfare. Save yourself from having to deal with a variety of organizational details, reviewing of non-core information, unforeseen threats and risks - trust the experts of "Prifinance".

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