Broker license Forex

Forex trading is much in demand. Under such conditions, the number of companies providing professional services is growing. To legally conduct brokerage activities, it is mandatory to obtain a license that is needed irrespective of the country in which the Forex trading will be conducted. Prifinance’s employees assume the organizational, legal and bureaucratic aspects of the work related to obtaining a license of a Forex broker in the world’s financial centers. We offer a comprehensive assistance and provide services on a turn-key basis. This means that a client seeking to obtain a broker’s license wouldn’t have to interact with a batch of intermediaries whose responsibilities and competencies are limited.

Ordering a Forex license from us, you get:

  • saving of time and funds;
  • zero risk of making mistakes and withdrawal from the legal framework;
  • insure yourself against risks;
  • confidentiality preservation;
  • competent advices including in the highly specialized topics, which may not be encountered by staff members;
  • effective tools to increase profitability;
  • access to a range of other services (company registration outside a country, opening accounts, assistance in obtaining residence permits, etc.).
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