Vanuatu Forex license

It’s an attractive jurisdiction offering loyal terms for business owners, and especially for financial companies. There is no inheritance tax, as well as, capital gains tax, and tax on profits in Vanuatu. At the same time, financial and investment activities are strictly regulated.

The Vanuatu Forex License helps companies to improve their competitive position. Such organizations are more credible, it is easier for them to expand their customer base, built stable partnership and gain a trustworthy reputation.

Forex license obtained in Vanuatu allows:

  • to make out permissions without blocking the amount of the charter capital;
  • to minimize the reporting requirements;
  • to conduct activities without opening a local office/hiring local staff.

Vanuatu Forex License is issued for the following types of activities:

  • trust asset management;
  • financial advising;
  • forex trading;

To obtain a Vanuatu Forex license you need to have a finance degree and/or previous experience in this field (you have to provide a detailed CV and a copy of a diploma).

If you have no experience and education? We could do without it, in general, but then the price will go up a little.

Staff requirements to obtain a Vanuatu Forex license include: at least one director, a private or legal entity not requiring residence and a secretary.

A registered office is not required.

The amount of the company’s charter capital shall be equal to US$2,000.

The estimated time for obtaining a license is 3 months.

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