Crypto License

Establishing and running a crypto business in most situations needs getting a license for the operations with crypto assets. This type of permit is informally called a “crypto license” – an official approval from the resident regulators to carry out the defined scope of operations with crypto assets. The regulatory and licensing legislation varies from state to state. But, Prifinance lawyers have already gained the experience of getting crypto licenses in TOP, most popular, states across the globe. Professional lawyers will help to develop individual and 100% workable cryptolicensing solutions in your business case. We provide comprehensive registration support as well as financial and corporate consulting services before and after getting a license for cryptocurrency operations.

Scope of Prifinance typical crypto currency license services offered:

  • assess correctly the background of a business case to mitigate and remove the risks that can prevent getting a cryptocurrency license;
  • gather all expected particulars and documents to obtain for a crypto license;
  • register a company that will become a future licensee and open bank accounts for such an entity;
  • handle all negotiations with the local officials in the course of getting a target cryptolicense;
  • support all the next activities of the newly-formed licensee.

Specific cases

It is often needed to address some specific requirements while establishing more complicated business structures. For instance, Prifinance lawyers are experienced and support obtaining a cryptocurrency exchange license. Lawyers help with defining and addressing effectively all complex demands for establishing this form of crypto business. Professionals are aware of the most common nuances that help to persuade regulators that a project is reliable.

Lawyers are also helpful in getting a crypto banking license. We are experienced in getting banking licenses that usually also require following stricter registration and compliance requirements. Our professionals will help interested businessmen to address burdensome regulatory formalities in a winning way.

No matter how complicated or non-standard your business case is. Prifinance lawyers are ready to assist you with getting a license for cryptocurrency exchange or any other project in any country you find suitable for this purpose. Even if the particulars of your case don’t allow registering a project in some jurisdictions, we will not leave your commercial case without an equivalent business solution or even a better alternative.

Benefits that cooperation with Prifinance company delivers

Legal cooperation with the Prifinance specialists is a good choice as we manage:

  • saving maximally money and time of our clients;
  • providing well-rounded protection from associated risks;
  • searching the effective ways to enhance the indicators of efficiency (profitability);
  • ensuring a possibility to use the competencies of highly qualified officers, which cannot be found in the staff of the clients’ companies;
  • guaranteeing confidentiality;
  • maximizing the chances of completing crypto licensing procedures with positive results for our clients.

Inform Prifinance lawyers about the background and objectives of your commercial case. We will help you to get any type of cryptocurrency license that may be needed, including a crypto exchange license. Prifinance develops and implements registration solutions that work.

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