Prifinance is an experienced consulting services provider with deep knowledge in blockchain and cryptocurrency market industry. Our team of professionals is ready to help to bring your project to a successful stage of an initial coin offering – ICO. We develop tailor made solutions specifically for each of our client’s requirements and we are always there to adapt to a rapidly changing and developing industry. Our field of expertise lies in areas of legal consulting, marketing strategies development and operational audit that is vital for a successful ICO of your company. We are ready to offer packaged solutions or separate tools that will help your business in the era of the rising blockchain world.

ICO Solutions

We provide full support for projects that are preparing for ICO. Complex legal consulting services, creation of a reliable project structure, management of all marketing processes, technical audit – our team of experts is there to assist you and your partners in all aspects on the way to a successful ICO. You can choose from our service packages and pick up the best solution for your project!

Crypto currency exchange license

The procedure of obtaining a license for a crypto currency trading and exchange project – is a complex and time consuming process, that demands a certain level of knowledge and experience. Our company is among the first on the market to offer professional legal consulting for the companies that are interested in receiving of the crypto currency exchange license, that will eliminate all legal questions from the side of the authorities.

Crypto currency mining

We have ready solutions for startups that are willing to be a part of a cryptocurrency mining industry. We will help you with legal aspects, sales and purchasing processes, solutions for commissions withdrawal to your bank account, equipment management and maintenance and with many other aspects related to cryptocurrency mining projects.

Legal status of the crypto currencies

As of today, legal status of cryptocurrencies is a subject to change in a substantial part of jurisdictions. Most entrepreneurs face questions that are vital for a project that is designed to be active in a rapidly developing blockchain techindustry. Which jurisdiction should one choose? How to ensure the compliance with all regulations?
Our team of professional advisors will help you to find the best solution for your project – all you need is to contact us!


ICO Solutions from «Prifinance» is a perfect gateway to a successful funding of your startup!

We are able to bring your startup to a successful ICO, backing your team in every aspect of the process – legal consulting, operational audit and advising, effective marketing management and technical audit.

With the help of our team our clients raised more than $50 000 000 and organized 7 successful ICO’s!

Legal consulting

There is one vital element on the way of every successful ICO - a proper legal support, that will help comply with regulations and eliminate issues with authorities.

Our experts are ready:
- to pick up the best jurisdiction for your project in order to avoid legal issues during an ICO;
- to help with a company incorporation and bank account opening in a favorable jurisdiction for your project;
- to consult your team on all relevant legal and corporate structure issues, that may occur during the development.


Backers and investors should get passionate about your product, believe in projects ideas and views that should change the industry.

This is why we are keen on effective and creative marketing and storytelling, that helps project to create a strong community of investors who are ready to contribute into success of the project.

Our team of specialists takes all your marketing challenges as their own, developing and implementing strategies from the beginning till the end with high attention to specifics of each project.

Technological audit

Technological core of the project - is a crucial part of how successful will be the initial coin offering of the project.

Our specialists may offer an effective Book Building platform specifically for each project, implement advanced cyber security systems for better data protection, high level IT consulting and advising, as well as an audit of current technological assets of the project.

All our Technical Audit services are designed to serve the highest standards of our clients.

Withdrawal of the raised funds

After a successful ICO most companies face an issue connected with a withdrawal of funds that were raised during ICO.

As a consequence may experience issues with accomplishing objectives that were previously placed on the development roadmap.

Our team of legal advisors is able to find the best fiat currency withdrawal solutions for any blockchain project that passed a successful ICO stage and received a certain amount of funding.
Crypto currency exchange license
Currently the process of obtaining a cryptocurrency exchange license is a complicated and time consuming process, that requires a thorough preparation and certain experience from the side of an applicant. As of today only few countries in the world are issuing crypto currency exchange licenses.
Our experts are ready to explain all advantages and disadvantages of possible jurisdictions, that currently issue licenses for crypto currency exchange.


Prifinance specialists have a strong experience of incorporation of the companies and opening of the bank accounts for a variety of projects,

including projects that were designed solely for a cryptocurrency mining and cryptocurrency cloud mining.

Our team may consult on picking up the best equipment solutions exclusively for your requirements.

Receive a free consultation Receive a free consultation


Today most authorities around the world are trying to find the way to regulate blockchain and cryptocurrency markets. As challenges that officials face with the development of the industry continue to grow, different approaches are being used in order to follow up the progress.

Some countries are developing legal framework purposed to establish a better control over crypto currency markets, while other countries are trying to forbid crypto currency exchange and any other relevant operations within the blockchain tech industry.

Each jurisdiction gives its own definition of the cryptocurrency industry as this is not a standardized and well regulated market yet.

If you are willing to know more about blockchain tech, cryptocurrency mining and exchange possibilities – our experts are there to explain and analyse all advantages that blockchain technologies may bring your enterprise!

Regulations of cryptocurrencies

Today there is no common directive or any international legislative basis that could give an exact understanding how the crypto currency industry should be regulated, however there are certain trends in the regions that are worth to be mentioned:

- Countries of the South American region are not supporting the crypto currency industry and they have rather unfavorable climate for blockchain projects ;
- USA, Canada and Japan – all three countries have favorable legislation;
- Sweden considers crypto currency as a traditional fiat currency;
- Legislation of China allows only private individuals to hold and use bitcoins

Prifinance specialists make a thorough analysis of every project and pick up the best jurisdiction that fir most the need of the client.

Cryptocurrency consulting

What is crypto currency? How blockchain technology may help ones business?
May one bring ones current business to an ICO and offer something unique to the industry? How can one implement smart contracts within the company operations?

Above mentioned questions are being asked more often last months by representatives of completely different industries. Most entrepreneurs feel, that blockchain may resolve their industries crucial security and reliability issues, however it is hard to receive a fundamental consulting on the matter.

Specialists from Prifinance are ready to offer high quality consulting and advising on the blockchain and crypto currency exchange industries. You may always reach our assistants, and they will pick the best solution for you!

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