Company registration at Near East

Country of incorporation Registration fee
Armenia GET AN OFFER 1250 EUR
Azerbaijan GET AN OFFER 1600 EUR
Bahrain GET AN OFFER 7500 EUR
Georgia GET AN OFFER 900 EUR
Israel GET AN OFFER 4800 EUR
Lebanon GET AN OFFER 7600 USD
Oman GET AN OFFER On request
Saudi Arabia GET AN OFFER 19000 EUR
Turkey (LLC) GET AN OFFER 1200 EUR


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The Near East region covers the territory of about 17 countries. These are prestigious and highly developed jurisdictions for doing business, especially for international trade. Each jurisdiction in this region offers different advantages. Still, it is beneficial to start a business here, taking into account the following essential profits.

Advantages of company registration at Near East

The intention to start a company at Near East can easily make many advantages available, among others:

  • access to developed regional markets;
  • high level of economic development and business culture;
  • openness to innovation and new technologies;
  • high level of protection of assets;
  • availability of free economic zones.

Although it is fair to say that doing business at Near East requires adherence to strict local rules and traditions. Prifinance lawyers are ready to advise in more detail on the benefits and risks of this region.

What company to choose and how to register it at Near East

In Qatar, the UAE, and Bahrain, it is possible to create a business at Near East in one of these forms:

  • A limited liability company is a type of legal entity in which the participants have limited financial and legal responsibility for the results of the business. The maximum number of participants is usually limited. For this company, more straightforward registration and record-keeping rules are applied.
  • A joint-stock company is the type of company business people choose to attract large amounts of financing. The number of participants, as a rule, is unlimited, but the legal entity is subject to stricter registration and record-keeping rules.
  • Partnership is a type of business that, compared to the previous two, is not connected with forming a legal entity but is based on an agreement between the participants. Different partnership variants imply other formats of participants' liability - there can be partners who are fully liable and partners whose liability is limited.
  • A branch is a simplified business format chosen by foreign companies to conduct the same activities as in the country of primary registration. The option is suitable for those entrepreneurs who want to test local business opportunities before investing large sums in the region.

There are also other forms of business in the jurisdictions of the Near East region. Prifinance lawyers are ready to analyze each case and select other business forms at Near East.

Specialists are prepared to make and implement an individual registration plan. Roughly, it will cover the following steps:

  1. Selection and reservation of a business name for a future legal entity at Near East.
  2. Processing of information on the future management, founders, and beneficiaries.
  3. Formation and payment of share capital.
  4. Drafting and execution of registration, incorporation, and other documents.
  5. Filing package of documents for registration.
  6. Registration for tax purposes and mandatory social payments.
  7. Obtaining additional permits and licenses.
  8. Registration of trademarks (optional).

How Prifinance specialists can assist:

  • analysis of a particular business case, selection of the most optimal jurisdiction and legal form to set up a business at Near East;
  • Processing of information on the beneficiaries and founders of the company;
  • search and reservation of an address for the future legal entity;
  • drafting and execution of documents for incorporation and registration of the legal entity;
  • opening bank accounts around the world;
  • providing comprehensive support to the future company's activities on all issues that may arise during its activities.

Send an introduction to Prifinance lawyers and get the support you need at the start-up and during the business process.


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