Getting a Forex License in Belize

The selection of jurisdiction for the registration and obtaining a Forex license comes down to the search for a country with stable economic and political systems, as well as high level of the entrepreneurship support. Belize falls into this category.

With strong privacy protection and a great location, Belize creates the most favorable environment for forex companies. This is especially true for businesses searching for a reliable and affordable license at a regulator’s price. Increasing your reputation among clients and partners, showing your company’s commitment to regulatory compliance, and other factors you get when you obtain a Forex license Belize. Below, you will find comprehensive information on the peculiarities and stages before obtaining a permit and how to start forex trading in this jurisdiction. In addition, the advantages, rules, and legal requirements associated with this process will be highlighted.

Advantages of Obtaining a Belize Forex License

  1. Strategic location, ideal for businesses targeting the Americas.
  2. Stable environment — political stability and a strong international reputation provide operational security.
  3. English common law offers predictability and familiarity for Forex transactions.
  4. The official language is English, simplifying communication and eliminating language barriers.
  5. Competitive license and operating costs.
  6. The Belize Forex license allows you to work with clients around the world.
  7. The absence of strict controls facilitates cross-border transactions.
  8. Territorial taxation demonstrates a Favorable tax regime with potential savings on international services.
  9. AML/CFT compliance — compliance with international standards enhances financial integrity.

Regulatory Insights and Laws for a Belize Forex License

Responsible for forex trading, the International Financial Services Commission (IFSC) is critical in regulating Belize’s financial sector. Its essential responsibilities include licensing and monitoring forex companies and promoting the country as a leading financial services center. In addition, it ensures compliance with the rules by applying penalties for non-compliance.

Essential legal frameworks applicable to obtaining a brokerage license in Belize include:

Securities and International Financial Services Act (SIFSA)

  • Serves as a cornerstone for the regulation and licensing of forex businesses.
  • Details on corporate governance, risk management, and internal controls.

Securities Industry Act of 2021

  • Promotes a fair, efficient, and transparent capital market.
  • Offers safeguards against fraud and unethical practices.
  • Sets forth rules for registering, reporting, and auditing to uphold market integrity.

Belize Forex License Options

Trading in Foreign Exchange License

  • Enables companies to serve as intermediaries for clients engaging in forex trading.
  • Offers platforms for trading currency pairs and other forex products, facilitating client access to global markets.

Market Maker License

  • Allows entities to operate as brokers and market makers, actively setting bid and ask prices.
  • Enhances market liquidity by quoting buy and sell prices and potentially profiting from bid-ask spreads.
  • Licenses are typically issued for one year, with an option to extend up to three years. Renewal requires proof of ongoing regulatory compliance, submission of current documents, and payment of renewal fees to the IFSC.

Forex License Belize and Labuan

There are several requirements that a company must meet when obtaining a brokerage license in Belize, including registration in the country meeting such requirements as minimum capital (from BZD 50,600 to BZD 1 million). In addition, there are annual fees and compliance with anti-money laundering and anti-terrorist financing standards. When applying, it is crucial to consider detailed business plans, financial statements and evidence of compliance with regulatory requirements for IFSC.

In the case of Labuan, there are also specific criteria for a brokerage license, such as minimum capital, physical office space, and compliance with the requirements for staff eligibility and compliance. There is a 100:1 leverage limit, and detailed internal policies are required. When offering Islamic brokerage, it is worth considering additional provisions for appointing a member of the Shariah Advisory Board.

Belize Forex License Requirements

According to the national legal framework, obtaining a broker license Forex Belize requires establishing a legal entity. There are options for business structures such as a Business Company (BC), a limited liability company (LLC), or a partnership that applicants can choose from. Before taking such a significant step, it is best to consult with legal experts.

Main Requirements

  1. Capital requirements — from 50,600 BZD (approximately 23,000 EUR) to 1 million BZD (approximately 460,000 EUR).
  2. Annual license fee — 10,000 BZD (approximately EUR 4,600) to 50,000 BZD (approximately EUR 23,000).
  3. State fee — 1,000 BZD (approximately 460 EUR).
  4. Adequate funding to ensure operational stability.
  5. Implementation of anti-money laundering and anti-terrorist financing protocols.
  6. Ensuring that directors, shareholders, and key personnel demonstrate integrity, competence, and financial stability.
  7. Efficient trading platforms, risk management and customer support systems.
  8. Experience and knowledge requirements may vary depending on the type of license, as well as the obligation to comply with IFSC regulatory standards, including audit and supervision.

Documentation for Application

  • Completed IFSC application form.
  • The cover letter specifies the license type, period, and fee payment details.
  • Payment proof for the application fee.
  • Incorporation certificates and legal company documents.
  • Comprehensive business plan outlining operational strategy and structure.
  • Financial statements demonstrating financial health.
  • Evidence of available operational funds.
  • Identity and address proofs of company personnel.
  • Biographical affidavits for key individuals.
  • AML/CFT policy documents.
  • Details on operational infrastructure.
  • Compliance manual detailing regulatory adherence strategies.
  • Marketing material samples.

Applying for a Belize Forex License

  1. Select a licensed service provider listed by the IFSC to handle your application.
  2. Compile necessary documentation and complete the application form.
  3. Your chosen provider will vet your company and critical members before submitting to the IFSC.
  4. Remit the necessary application fees.
  5. The provider forwards your application and documents to the IFSC.
  6. Within two business days of receiving your application, the IFSC will confirm its completeness and inform your agent.
  7. The IFSC assesses your application, performing due diligence on the company and critical personnel against their First Issue License Checklist.

Setting Up a Forex Company in Belize

As the Belizean Business Company (BC) is valued for its privacy benefits and light reporting obligations, it is the best structure for setting up a forex company in the country. With good legal support, you can significantly speed up the process of setting up, as it usually takes a lot of time.

Essential Belize BC Requirements

  1. Minimum of one shareholder and two local directors.
  2. A Belize-registered office and agent.

Setup Steps

  1. Choose a business name.
  2. Determine directors and shareholders.
  3. Appoint a registered agent.
  4. Prepare and submit legal documents to the Belize Companies and Corporate Affairs Registry (CCAR).
  5. Pay fees, open a bank account, and apply for a Belize Forex license via the IFSC.
  6. Register for tax (TIN) and social security (SSB) obligations, and comply with AML/CFT by registering with the FIU.

Documentation Needed

  • Application and company structure forms.
  • Articles and Memorandum of Association.
  • Proofs of office and agent in Belize.
  • Essential individual passports and address proofs.
  • Fit and proper evidence for company personnel.
  • Payment receipts for incorporation fees.


What are the main stages of obtaining a Forex license in Belize?

First, you must submit an application by providing documentation to the International Financial Services Commission (IFSC).
To obtain a forex license in Belize, it is also necessary to comply with regulatory requirements and pay fees. Specific steps may vary depending on the type and scope of activity.

How long does it take to get a brokerage license in Belize?

The time may vary depending on the complexity of the application and the applicant’s readiness to meet regulatory requirements. Usually, the review period can take about 5-6 months.

Is getting a Forex license in Belize without a bank account possible?

No, because when obtaining a brokerage license in Belize, you must have a bank account with a reputable financial institution. Having an account facilitates financial transactions related to forex trading.

What difficulties can an applicant for a Forex license in Belize face?

The task can be difficult due to strict regulatory requirements. Before applying, you should take care of demonstrating financial stability, compliance with AML/KYC regulations, and having experience in Forex trading. Working with experts, the licensing process will be much more comfortable and efficient.

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