Malta Payment License

Malta obligates all payment licenses owners, issuers of electronic money to receive a special license. It is issued only to entities that have a real head office, a physical branch or representation in the jurisdiction. The electronic money license in Malta requires costs that are charged at a fixed amount or vary depending on the type of the company.

“Prifinance” is a Simple Receipt of Malta’s Payment License

If you need a payment license in Malta, please contact “Prifinance”, and our company will make the procedure for its receipt simple and transparent. We minimize the time and risk of dismissals for the customer, as we provide the competent support at all stages of cooperation. Our experts:

  • shall develop a strategy and business structure, an action plan;
  • shall provide an advice on tax planning and the payment licenses operation;
  • shall help to register a company, open an account, hire directors and employees;
  • shall find premises for a “physical” office, select a legal address;
  • shall draw up policies of funds security and counteraction to money laundering, the description of management and control mechanisms in the company;
  • shall help to develop a business plan and formalize the documents to confirm the funds availability for its implementation;
  • shall translate and legalize the constituent documents of the company, personal documents of the founders and management;
  • shall help to validate the integrity of the company’s policy, an evidence of financial integrity and the company’s ability to provide the capital.

Employees of “Prifinance” shall check all applications, documents for inconsistencies and errors in filling in, officially certify the papers and help to submit them to the regulatory authority.

The standard period for applications examination for obtaining of EMI Malta is from three months. We will help to speed up the procedure as much as possible through the operational preparation of a full and correct package of documents and professional legal support.

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