Project analysis package

Project research;

Token solution consulting ;

Recommendations on the choice of jurisdictions;

Thorough analysis and conclusion regarding the whole project;

ICO legal support package

Full legal support and advising for the ICO procedure of the project;

Full legal support and advising for the ICO procedure of the project;

Road map development;

Preparation of a pack of documents for the implementation of the token, including Token Purchase Agreement, Terms of Use, as well as Privacy Policy and Public offer documents;

Consultations on legal interaction in media;

Marketing package

Marketing strategy development;

Comparative analysis of marketing approaches on the basis of practical effectiveness. Comparison of more than 70 tactical approaches;

Installing Bounty Program for carrying out a marketing program with translation into foreign languages (25 languages);

Platforms for public relations;

Consultations with market experts in applying strategies based on broad experience and successful techniques;

“Technology” package

Development of smart contracts;

Smart contract management system;

Development of the Book Building platform;

Implementation of technological solutions for the security of user accounts and wallets;

Development and adaptation of the website;

Consultations with IT-specialists about the application of technologies in the ICO;


  • Attraction of an unlimited number of investors from all over the world, both individuals and corporate
  • ICO projects attract investors due to high probability of profits. There are cases when the cost of tokens grew by 1000%
  • Investments in the ICO projects are available for investors with a minimal amount of funds
  • ICO provides an opportunity to receive funding at the early seed stage of the project and on a better terms than through accelerators
  • Low cost of attracting investments, in comparison with traditional methods
  • blockchain
ICO combines the advantages of IPO, crowdfunding and blockchain technologies

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