Open bank account in Hong Kong

Bank name Account type Account Opening Period Price
Corporate account 2-3 weeks 1000 USD
Hang Seng Bank Limited
Corporate account 2-3 weeks 1000 USD
Standard Chartered Bank
Corporate account 2-3 weeks 1000 USD
Corporate account 2-3 weeks 1000 USD

An account can become not only a fundamental tool for mutual settlements with suppliers and partners and access to international markets but also a means for achieving other business goals. In some cases, a bank account in Hong Kong indicates the company's status, level, prestige, and reliability in doing business with such a legal entity. For this purpose, accounts are opened in the world's best banks. These structures operate in Hong Kong, an important financial center. The country's legislation is loyal and friendly to non-residents, tax benefits are practical here, and banking secrecy is respected. Despite the transformation processes the region is undergoing, starting and doing business here is potentially profitable.

You can register a business and open a bank account as quickly as possible and with guarantees if you contact the employees of Prifinance. Our lawyers will help you choose a financial institution, collect and submit documents and eventually open a Hong Kong bank account.

Steps of opening a Hong Kong bank account

Cooperation with local banks must be built competently from the first stage. The employees of Prifinance will help with this. We provide a full range of services that make it possible to open an account in Hong Kong with minimal client involvement. If you plan to open a Hong Kong bank account, the process involves several stages:

  • collection of documents - copies of passports of the management, contact information, statutory documentation;
  • confirmation of the legality of sources of income;
  • passing an interview (if necessary);
  • making a deposit (as a rule, the amount for making a deposit is 1500 US dollars);
  • forming the list of companies - residents of the country, which established business relations with the applicant.

To open an account, an individual must spend at least 180 days in the state's territory and have HKID. Documents submitted for consideration must be appropriately issued - with an apostille or a mark of consular legalization. Particular attention during the review of documents for opening the account in a foreign bank in Hong Kong shall be paid to verify the legality of funds intended to be placed on the bank account, identification of the final beneficiaries of the business, as well as issues of anti-money laundering. Prifinance lawyers offer a full range of services, comprehensive support in the process of account opening, and assistance in business registration within Hong Kong. The lawyers will help you to open an account with a bank in Hong Kong in the shortest possible time.

How Prifinance lawyers can be useful

Prifinance lawyers will advise on all aspects of opening a foreign bank account in Hong Kong, develop tailor-made proposals, help collect and process documents, and provide further support in using a bank account. Among other things, the lawyers will provide support in the following activities:

  • advise you on all the options that are open to your business case;
  • evaluate the effectiveness of each available option in terms of business benefits;
  • collect the necessary information and documents following the requirements of the selected Hong Kong banks;
  • negotiate with local government agencies as well as banks of interest;
  • provide comprehensive information and legal support in emergencies that may arise when opening a bank account.

Prifinance lawyers can also assist with other legal issues during your business projects. Provide introductory information for individual proposals on the matter.

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