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Bank account ChinaTrust

NameAccount typeOpening periodPrice
ChinaTrustcurrent account4-7 weeks1000 USD1000 USD1000 USD


Account type current account
Opening period 4-7 weeks
Price 1000 USD

Chinatrust is one of the most famous Hong Kong banks, offering products to private and corporate clients. The bank, like other financial institutions in the country, has an "impressive" advantage — the security of information and the principle of confidentiality, declared at the state level. Among other advantages of the bank should be called:

  • free and one of the most perfect in the world system of Internet banking for all types of operations and remote control;
  • support debit / credit cards, accounts in more than 10 currencies;
  • wide territorial coverage — representative offices of the Chinatrust are in China, India, Canada, Japan, USA, Great Britain and other countries;
  • a small minimum balance - from 100 US dollars;
  • an impressive range of products: private mortgages and pension programs, corporate services for trade finance and investment, and much more.

Opening account in the bank ChinaTrust is a service, that is not provided to companies and it cannot be remotely operated. The existence of business or experience, sufficient for its beginning, must be documented. Current transactions should be accompanied by invoices submitted to the bank, checks for private transfers, contractual, transportation or other documentation.

Opening of accounts for private and corporate clients

Private customers need a passport (original) for their account creation and confirmation of the address — newly issued, not more than three months. For consideration of the application by the representatives of the structure (it takes about two months), a "deposit" of 40,000 US dollars should be made — they can be used freely after the opening procedure.

Opening the account with the ChinaTrust bank for legal entities is a procedure for which it will be needed:

  • or the management, owners — originals of foreign passports, confirmation of addresses, certified by a notary;
  • company documents — registration, constituent;
  • confirmation of existing or opened business, its detailed description;
  • recommendation letters from other banks;
  • personal presence of the management and all shareholders/beneficiaries.

All documents, including corporate ones, must be translated into English, if they were not originally compiled on it. This can be done by a notary from the EU, a branch of the Hong Kong Bank, a local licensed translation agency or the Consulate General of the country of residence. The company "Prifinance" will take care of everything and help to finish the process with minimal hassle.

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