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Registration of companies in the USA


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Registration of companies in United States

The USA is a country with wide opportunities for business that allows you to work in a transparent, stable environment. Among the common reasons for company formation in the USA there is a desire to enter the extensive US market and business emigration. Specialists of the "Prifinance" will help you with this. Many years of experience in the registration of companies and high qualification of experts enable to protect customer against bureaucratic routine and to reduce the probability of errors to zero.

In the United States, the rules governing the process of creating private business vary depending on the state and nature of activity, and to choose the appropriate jurisdiction is not an easy task. "Prifinance" experts will help:

• to select the name and form of activities: LLC (analogue of Ltd.), individual business activity, corporation or partnership;
• to determine the state of registration: classic Nevada or Delaware, California with rich business life, Wyoming where there is no need to issue a List of Officers;
• to create legal address;
• to obtain license;
• to submit registration papers to the secretariat of the state administration;
• to get business number;
• to open bank account in the USA.

Considering the United States as a country, where one can register an offshore company, it is often implied Delaware. This is the most popular location in America to create a foreign representative office. Delaware offshore zone has its own specifics. It is possible to open a company here in one of two forms: LLC or corporation.
According to the law, registered offshore companies in Delaware that do not have EIN annually pay a fee to the agent (assuming operation outside America with non-residents). Upon receipt of EIN companies are committed to issue annual reports and to pay all taxes in the amount determined by the state.

Jurisdiction features

The legal company registration in Delaware assumes the existence of at least one shareholder and one director. They may be legal entities. State does not impose strict requirements on minimum capital. It is better to use the nominee service as the level of confidentiality in Delaware is rather low – information about companies is public.

Advantages of the jurisdiction

If you decided to buy an offshore in Delaware you should understand all the benefits of incorporating a company in this US state. Among the main advantages there are:

  • low license fee;
  • stable legislation which is being improved all the time in matters of business incorporation;
  • no sales and property tax;
  • no need for licensing if the activity is conducted outside the United States;
  • transparent and clear rules of corporate law due to which the registration of company in Delaware and its further activities take place without difficulty;
  • flexible terms to protect assets from speculative creditors.
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