Registration of a company in Delaware

Name of service Bronze Silver Gold
Company incorporation Preparation of a full package of documents depending on the chosen form of ownership, communication with authorities on all matters during the registration
Apostille service Documents apostille service and consultation on the types of documents, that require apostille
Legal address for 1 year We provide a legal address for your company in this jurisdiction, eliminating the need to purchase or rent a property. The cost is indicated for 1 year of use.
Accelerated payments for processing Drawing up a memorandum of association determining the rules of the company
Company Records Book and a Seal of a company Preparation of the minutes of the meeting of the directors of the company required for the registration of the company in Delaware.
Memorandum of association Preparation of the necessary package of documents and opening a corporate account of the company without a personal presence
Minutes of the meeting of directors of the company The procedure for obtaining ITIN - the tax number of the company required to receive EIN (tax number of the employer) and opening a corporate account. Advice on the need to assign ITIN to others other than the company's owner in Delaware.
Membership Certificates Obtaining at the IRS a business EIN (Employer Identification Number) required for a company incorporated as a corporation or partnership
Remote opening of a corporate account Assignment of ITIN (tax number that is issued by the US Tax Inspectorate) is possible for the nominee director of the company. We provide nominee services for the time required to obtain an ITIN number
ITIN issued by the US Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Registration of a general power of attorney for carrying out activities within the jurisdiction with different powers and terms of validity, as well as advice on their determination.
EIN issued by the US Internal Revenue Service (IRS) In order to keep private information of the real owner of the company confidential it is useful to order a nominee director service. Nominee director has limited powers, so the owner of the company will have a full control over an incorporated enterprise
Nominee director (for the period of obtaining ITIN) If there is no possibility or need to attract real shareholders, we will provide the services of a nominal shareholder for the registration and business activities of the relevant company
General power of attorney for 1 year
Nominee director for 1 year
Nominee shareholder for 1 year
Total cost
800 USD 3700 USD on request
Annual renewal (paid from the second year)
700 USD 700 USD on request
Accounting services
500 USD 500 USD on request


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Delaware is a small state in the United States of America. Located in the mid-Atlantic area, Delaware can boast a rich history and was the first state to ratify the federal Constitution in 1787. Although Delaware has enjoyed a discrete reputation for chemical industries, the core attitude of the state is financial. From a business perspective, Delaware has a liberal incorporation law framework that favors the thriving of various types of companies. Besides, the Delaware Court of Chancery is broadly accepted as the most prominent forum concerning disputes and complex issues of corporate governance in the United States. As a result, Delaware has a stable and dependable corpus of corporate regulations that promote business with no external influence. Overall, Delaware offers strong corporate protection, allows companies to operate in almost every state and nation, and the income tax for corporations operating outside the state is equal to zero. More than one million companies, both American and foreign, are electing Delaware as their nominal domicile. Not surprisingly, the figure is increasing at a steady pace.

Types of Companies in Delaware

The rooted legal and business-friendly background is matched by competitive packages of incorporation services. Most frequent companies forms include:

  • Limited Liability Company (LLC). It is a category of a legal entity that takes advantage of features borrowed by corporations and partnerships. Typically, it has a lean structure to reduce the bureaucratic procedures and offers liability shielding to shareholders.
  • Limited Partnership (LP). It is a business entity made up of one or more general partners and one or more limited partners. General partners manage the company and are liable for all the monetary burdens. Limited partners are not accountable for debts and obligations and do not participate in the management.
  • General Corporation. It is a business company owned by the shareholders, managed by a board of directors, and run by officers. It is the typical structure where owners plan to become a public entity, stock offering, global business, or expansion policy.
  • Close Corporation. A close or closely held corporation is a business entity similar to the general corporation but owned and managed by a small circle of people. Typically, they are the shareholders, the directors, and the officers. The frame of the business can follow the structure of the partnership with regards to the general management and the dividends and benefit of the legal protection of a corporation.
  • Non-Stock Corporation. It is a legal business that does not issue shares and is owned by its members. Non-profit organizations are typical examples of non-stock corporations. While they are frequent in Delaware, they need to meet specific requirements for approval. Specific cases of for-profit companies can be granted tax exemption.
  • S Corporation. It can be either a general or a close corporation that benefits from the Subchapter S tax status, which prevents that dividends are burdened both at a corporate and individual level. This business form is a favorite pick among many domestic and small companies. As a requirement, shareholders must be U.S. Citizens.

Opening a Corporation in Delaware

The lean and flexible structure of the Delaware Limited Liability Company makes this form popular among American and foreign investors. Today, it is the prevalent type of business in Delaware.

A Delaware LLC offers many tax and legal advantages, and the steps to set up the company are straightforward.

  • The first step entails choosing a unique and available name for the Delaware LLC.
  • The formal and official incorporation occurs once the Certificate of Formation is filed and approved by the Delaware Secretary of State.
  • One crucial document is the Operating Agreement, where shares, duties, and other arrangements are clearly stated.
  • A business license is mandatory in every sector, and specific permits might be required depending on the nature of the business, as well as on local and federal norms.
  • Obtaining a Federal Tax ID is required if the corporation will work and profit in the United States.
  • Getting a Certificate of Authority to start to operate in other states besides Delaware.

Advantages of incorporating a company in Delaware

The state of Delaware offers a unique environment in the complex global financial scenario. Although Delaware provides a favorable tax regulation, the state is far from being a tax haven. On the contrary, Delaware bases its attractiveness on solid ground, historical, legal, and professional.

Having started incorporating businesses in the early 1900s, Delaware boasts consolidated expertise and unrivaled legal tradition. The central pillar of the Delaware corporate law is the Delaware General Corporation Law (DGCL). The DGCL is the guarantor of the stability of the system. It is reviewed yearly to keep a certain degree of flexibility and meet the current contingencies. The DGCL is backed by a judicial structure that stands out for impartiality and expertise in interpreting the law. As a tradition, the Court of Chancery provides written documents to justify its decisions, constituting a priceless corpus of info for corporations. Finally, the Delaware Secretary of State is an efficient entity devoted to advising companies on every issue that might arise.

The Taxation Framework in Delaware

Delaware offers a desirable tax framework with consistent savings to invite entrepreneurship to incorporate business entities in the state.

  • The most attractive feature is the 0% percentage on the state corporate income for businesses operated outside Delaware.
  • Besides, passive income gained in the state is not subjected to taxation.
  • There is no personal property tax, as well as any ad-valorem or value-added taxes.
  • There is no inheritance tax on stocks of Delaware companies doing business outside the state and owned by non-residents.
  • Purchases within the state are sale-tax free even if the corporation is located, materially, outside Delaware.

Registering a company in Delaware offers many profitable opportunities for ethical and dynamic investors. Prifinance is a reliable advisory company with long experience and broad knowledge of global financial dynamics. Its team of experts will offer unrivaled assistance to navigate safely among regulations, business types, and tax framework to set up a successful corporation in Delaware.


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