Bank accounts in Saint Lucia

Bank name Account type Account Opening Period Price
Hermes Bank
Corporate account 4-6 weeks 700 USD

Saint Lucia is a Caribbean nation that provides favorable conditions for starting and doing business in terms of taxation, obtaining a residence permit/citizenship for investment, and opening a bank account in Saint Lucia. The list of benefits provided is not limited to those mentioned earlier.

Advantages of St. Lucia bank account

Opening a St. Lucia foreign bank account has the following advantages:

  • high level of security and confidentiality for clients;
  • no data exchange with EU countries;
  • ease of opening and maintaining bank accounts;
  • established correspondent relationships with banks around the world;
  • opportunity to expand the range of options for business;
  • access to state-of-the-art Internet banking;
  • no requirements for the client's presence during the account opening.

Prifinance lawyers note that the list of benefits for entrepreneurship varies depending on the conditions of a particular business case. The lawyers will be happy to review in detail the specifics of your case and provide guidance on the available benefits.

The procedure of opening a St. Lucia foreign bank account

It is possible to open a personal or corporate account in Saint Lucia. However, to open a St. Lucia foreign bank account, a legal entity must provide properly executed incorporation documents and the personal data of the company's founders, beneficiaries, and managers. Among other things, applicants also provide documents proving the directors' credentials and those of the persons authorized to sign settlement documents.

Individuals can open a St. Lucia foreign bank account by presenting duly executed documents proving their identity and address of registration (utility bills, bank statements). In addition, individuals will provide income information and an individual tax number.

The list of documents varies depending on the banking institution the applicants are considering. For example, a letter of recommendation from professionals may be required. In any case, an application form must be filled out, which must pay attention to all the nuances to avoid formal grounds for refusing to open a bank account. After providing a package of requested documents, the bank conducts due diligence. In the process of checking, the bank officials may also ask for additional information, depending on a particular case of opening an account. Prifinance lawyers are ready to advise on the nuances of opening a St. Lucia foreign bank account.

How Prifinance lawyers can help

If you are considering opening a St. Lucia foreign bank account, the lawyers at Prifinance are ready to help you through all stages of the process, namely:

  • evaluate the profitability of the option specifically for your business case, as well as offer alternatives;
  • collect the required information and documents, including proper paperwork;
  • negotiate with local authorities and bank officials;
  • provide advice in solving emergencies that may arise during the operation of the bank account.

Provide input for individual counseling on the issue.

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