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Hermes Bank

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Hermes Bank
Corporate account 4-6 weeks 700 USD

Hermes Bank Ltd is located in Saint Lucia, a state with a stable political system and attractive economic conditions for both residents and foreign entrepreneurs. What is more, the service of non-residents is one of the priorities for the bank.

Hermes Bank Ltd is a modern company with a Class A license. Customer service is carried out at a high level while maintaining complete confidentiality of customer information and ongoing transactions.

Services of the bank

Private and corporate clients may be interested in such services:

  • opening an account with the Hermes Bank Ltd. (deposit, settlement);
  • servicing of term deposits;
  • transactions through Internet banking;
  • remote financial management.

The bank opens accounts in euros, US dollars, pounds sterling and Chinese renminbi. To do this, it is needed to provide:

  • originals of documents for the company (memorandum of association, protocol of the constituent assembly, charter, certificate of state registration);
  • original seal impression;
  • apostille;
  • passports of all representatives of the company, participating in the opening of the account (originals);
  • documents, confirming the registration of all account holders at the place of residence (corresponding page in the passport, receipt for payment for utility services);
  • completed forms of the bank.

Given that all documents must be provided by customers in the original, a personal presence when processing the application is necessarily. Opening the account with the Hermes Bank Ltd., occurs within 3-4 weeks. During this time, experts check the documents for their eligibility and proper registration, prepare a contract. Employees of “Prifinance” will conduct all organizational and bureaucratic work and will save your time.


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