Open bank account in Latvia

Bank name Account type Account Opening Period Price
Citadele Banka
Corporate account 2-3 weeks 500 EUR
AS Expobank
Corporate account 7-14 days 500 EUR
Latvijas Pasta Banka
Corporate account 7-14 days 500 EUR
IB Investicijubanka
Corporate account 2-3 weeks 500 EUR

Among European countries that attract foreign capital there is Latvia. This country cannot be considered a classic offshore zone, yet its appeal is quite high. Businessmen are seeking to open Latvian bank account to bring their business to an international level and it is virtually impossible to do it without an account in the prestigious and stable European bank. Among other reasons motivating cooperation with foreign banks there are anonymity, lack of financial monitoring, absence of strict requirements to the minimum balance amount and so on.

“Prifinance” officers will help you to open a bank account in Latvia. Our experts can recommend a reliable bank with the most favorable rates taking into account the peculiarities of each customer. We can help you open Latvian bank accounts at almost any bank: Ib Investicijubanka, AS Expobank, Rietumu Banka Latvijas Pasta Banka, Citadele Banka, Swedbank, Baltikums Banka and others. “Prifinance” officers provide competent advice, carry out all bureaucratic and organizational procedures.

As a rule, banks do not impose requirements regarding minimum account balances, but in case of long-term lack of funds and their movement they can apply less favorable rates.

Benefits for account owners

Opening Latvian bank account and cooperating with Latvian banks itself essentially raises the prestige of the company and gives a lot of other advantages. Among them:

  • reliability of the banking system that guarantees stable protection of funds;
  • remote opening of bank account and account management by the means of online tools and mobile devices that do not require personal presence and therefore saves time and money of the “Prifinance" customers;
  • fixed rates that significantly simplifies the financial planning process;
  • easy and fast account opening procedure (from 1 to 4 weeks);
  • guarantees of confidentiality for information about the movement of funds on the clients’ accounts;
  • timely processing of requests;
  • an extensive network of correspondents and so on.
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