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Latvijas Pasta Banka

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Latvijas Pasta Banka
Corporate account 7-14 days 500 EUR

Latvia is excellent for conducting international business transactions. The structure of the banking system is familiar to domestic entrepreneurs there, the country has been a reliable and tested jurisdiction for many years. Among the financial institutions there are many structures, offering services and a range of services of European scale. Latvijas Pasta Banka — among them. The bank is suitable for:

  • business management, in particular, transport and logistics, Internet and IT companies, sales agents and firms (all these are the main specializations of the bank);
  • remote disposal of accounts of individuals and business entities: opening the account with the Latvijas Pasta Banka – an opportunity to gain access to a secure, technically advanced Internet money management (registration is free);
  • persons, who cannot personally pay a visit to the bank — it is possible to open the account there without attending the bank’s office and in the country.

Features of the procedure for opening the account

The Bank adheres to the policy of knowledge of clients, does not seek to participate in schemes hiding the ultimate business owners, and when opening accounts it can carry out an in-depth examination of the applicant. In order not to face with failures and not to waste time, it is worth to apple for services of the company “Prifinance”. Opening the account with the help of our specialists will be quick and easy:

  1. Individuals will need identification documents (passports).
  2. The company should provide:
    • certificates of registration and statutory/constituent documents;
    • copies of lists with participants/shareholders;
    • the documentation for the account manager – the power of attorney, the papers identifying the person.

Opening the account in the Latvijas Pasta Bank is convenient because it has a full bilingual service, all kinds of cards are supported. With the help of the employees of “Prifinance”, requisites and Internet services can become available during 24 hours after the completion of registration procedures.


If you order a new company untill 31 of July, opening a bank account is for FREE

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