Estonia Gambling license

In Estonia, companies engaged in organizing gambling are allowed. They must only meet a number of requirements. First, a good reputation, and secondly, obtaining a permit to engage in this type of business. Gambling licenses in Estonia can be issued only in the case that gambling is the company’s area of business.

Taxation in the Gambling Business

The fee required for payment for a permit to engage in the gambling business is to be declared and paid by the 15th of the month following the taxation period. These are the fees currently in effect in Estonia:

  • 1,278.23 euros for each gambling table;
  • 300 euros for each gambling machine;
  • 10% of the sum of the obtained fee reduced by the amount of the paid winnings.

Documents Necessary to Obtain the License

Applications for gambling licenses in Estonia shall be considered on the basis of the provision of a particular documents package. The package includes:

  • information on the members of the board of directors and representatives of the gambling company;
  • copies of its shareholders’ documents;
  • the documents of the persons holding substantial shares in the company, as well as information on them;
  • information on the auditors;
  • the application to obtain the gambling license and permit;
  • the articles of association;
  • the government tax payment certificate.

The license to open an online casino in Estonia is issued by the Tax and Customs Department of Estonia. The decision is made within 4-6 months following the moment the application is submitted. After the license is received, the applicant must send the necessary documents to register the gambling permit. The Department will require another 2-4 months to make the decision.

Prifinance’s employees will accommodate you on all stages. We will free your hands of all the cumbersome work.

The service includes:

  • state taxes: 55 000 euros;
  • support in the company’s registration, including preparation of the full package documents, negotiation with the notary, and opening an account in an Estonian bank;
  • finding a legal address;
  • issuing and translating powers of attorney;
  • support for obtaining the gambling license, including dialogue with the Tax and Customs Department;
  • support in obtaining the gambling permit;
  • legal and accounting consultations.

Possible Causes for Refusal

The Tax and Customs Department may reject an application and issue no gambling license/permit in the following cases:

  • convictions/criminal punishments amongst the shareholders, members of the board, or board of directors;
  • illegal activity and previous violations in the gambling sphere which led to a license revocation;
  • the company’s bankruptcy which resulted from errors in management/law violation by shareholders/stockholders.

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