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Privatbank IHAG Zürich AG

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Privatbank IHAG Zürich AG
Investment Account 10 working days 500 USD

Switzerland is one of the best countries for opening bank accounts. This is a favorable jurisdiction, which maintains correspondent relations with many countries. It attracts with the stability of the economy, the policy of confidentiality and vast experience in the banking sector.

All this is relevant for Privatbank Ihag Zürich Ag. The financial and credit institution was founded in 1949, works with private and corporate clients, offers favorable conditions for cooperation. At the same time, opening an account with Privatbank Ihag Zürich Ag is not the easiest procedure.

The experts from “Prifinance” will help to pass it with minimal hassle and time expenditure. We will eliminate the risk of errors in the collection and submission of documents, we will help to choose the optimal conditions for cooperation for each client.

Advantages and requirements of the bank

Opening an account with Privatbank Ihag Zürich Ag involves the collection and submission of foundation documents, papers identifying the identity of the applicant, directors, shareholders of the company. The Bank reserves the right to request additional information in certain cases.

Opening the account with the Privatbank Ihag Zürich Ag bank not only allows to conduct effective international business activities, but also significantly enhances the prestige of the company in the eyes of partners, and also provides for corporate and private clients:

  • reliable tools for asset retention;
  • operational international payments (transfer/receipt);
  • favorable tariffs;
  • multilanguage support;
  • remote access to accounts;
  • confidentiality of the information provided.

Privatbank Ihag Zürich Ag offers its clients loyal conditions for processing and servicing of accounts. To open them a standard package of documents is provided (copies of passports, constituent documents, powers of attorney for nominal directors and so on). In some cases, the bank requires additional securities, for example, sources of money. The whole package will be assisted by employees of “Prifinance”.


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