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Name Account type Account Opening Period Price
Investment Account 10 working days 500 USD

The Swiss bank Coutts dates back its history to the second half of the 19th century and enters into the one of the world’s largest financial groups – The Royal Bank of Scotland. This is a traditional “market player”, which provides premium services, including for very large clientele. Opening an account in the Coutts bank in accordance with the existing tariffs is quite affordable (less than 1000 euros), it can be multicurrency, personal or corporate. In addition to representative offices in Switzerland, the structure has branches in Hong Kong and Singapore, Jersey, the Cayman Islands and many other jurisdictions.

Features of the bank and opening account

The bank provides guarantees, mortgages, various types of cards, storage services, transnational payments. The trust management can be transferred to it, disposal of portfolio capital, it offers trust and investment tools. Opening of the account with Coutts Bank is carried out promptly — within one working week. There is Internet banking, which works “for viewing” (instructions should be sent by fax). The bank is convenient because it is possible to open accounts in it without coming to Switzerland, at a meeting with the representative “on its territory”.

To successfully complete the procedure, it is worth to apply for services of the company “Prifinance”. We will help to collect a package of necessary documentation for individuals (passport data, biography) and corporate customers. The latter will need:

  • a full package of apostilled constituent documents with a registration certificate, Memorandum of Association and other documentations;
  • confirmation of identification information and addresses for the owners of the company, their CV/biography;
  • confirmation of normal activity (Certificate of Good Standing, for firms over 1 year), sources of funds;
  • information on the beneficiaries (summary and passport).

Opening of the account with the Coutts Bank is made after presentation of originals of papers and passports to its representatives and signing of completed bank forms. Employees of the “Prifinance” will follow the completeness and correctness of the procedures and help to bring funds, sufficient for minimum balance. Usually it starts from 500 thousand US dollars, but it is possible to solve the issue of the dimensions with the representative of the bank.


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