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BSI Bank

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BSI Bank
Investment Account 10 working days 500 USD

Founded at the end of the 19th century, BSI Bank has become one of the largest financial institutions in Switzerland (included in the national Top-10). It executes payments on the day of their commission (maximum — on the next) and is focused on the provision of services for:

  • opening accounts – personal savings, multicurrency, corporate (with the requirement of a sufficient balance and pre-agreed commercial transactions);
  • investment (including with the help of funds) and the wealth management of private individuals;
  • trading, fiduciary deposits, options;
  • crediting, insurance and so on.

Opening of the account with BSI Bank is possible provided that the initial payment is made, not less than the minimum balance — from 500 thousand US dollars. There is Internet banking, remote control of funds by fax/e-mail.

What is needed for account opening

The company “Prifinance” is ready to provide support in all procedures, help in collecting documents and other transactions. Opening the bank account with BSI Bank, together with our employees will pass quickly and without any concern.

  1. The private customer will need to provide documents, confirming his identity and bank forms.
  2. Corporate clients will need:
    • copies of identification documents and summaries to the beneficiaries and account administrators;
    • information about the business and origin of the funds of the corporate applicant;
    • postilled constituent and other corporate documentation: certificates of incorporation and good standing (if the firm works more than a year), charters, papers on the appointment of management;
    • documentation for nominee directors – apostilled copies of passports and the other documents.

The Bank reserves the right to request other papers, solving the issue individually. If the package is collected completely and correctly (cooperating with “Prifinance”, in this there is no doubt), then in 2-3 weeks the account will be opened.


If you order a new company untill 31 of July, opening a bank account is for FREE

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