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Banque Heritage

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Banque Heritage
Investment Account 10 working days 500 USD

The Swiss banks, which are privately owned, are convenient, respectable and trustworthy in the Western business structure. One of them is Banque Heritage. Founded in 1993, it is mainly focused on a variety of investment activities, including alternative ones. It has high-class Private Banking and state management for private clients, and it offers professional portfolio management for legal entities.

Opening an account in the Banque Heritage bank is available on a foreign passport, it can be issued in US dollars, Swiss francs or euro. The structure is convenient in that:

  • does not set limits on the number of transfers per month or the minimum turnover per year;
  • validates the payments, as a rule, on the second day;
  • issues all popular types of cards;
  • has long been represented in the post-Soviet space and has accumulated considerable experience of working with domestic entrepreneurs;
  • flexibly assesses the prospects of customers — a minimum balance of 0,5 -1 million euro can be made within one to five years.

Also, cooperating with the bank, it is possible to withdraw funds in Swiss francs without charge, take external funds to the account and make payments within its system. The clients are provided with professional consulting services and E-banking, as well as many other services.

All spectrum of support at registration of accounts in Banque Heritage

The company “Prifinance” will help to fully open the account with Banque Heritage bank. We will make sure, that the documentation package is complete and properly designed, we will support the customer when meeting with representatives of the structure in Switzerland (if necessary). To open the account it is needed:

  • fill in bank forms and provide a client’s resume;
  • make copies of passport and other customer identification data;
  • for corporate clients – to provide standard constituent documents (certified copies), a description of the business, information about the management and sources of origin of the funds.

The bank can register personal savings, as well as high-grade corporate accounts. It is permissible to do this without traveling to Switzerland. The company “Prifinance” will help to finish the procedure promptly and not worry about the bureaucratic routine.


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