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AP Anlage & PrivatBank

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AP Anlage & PrivatBank
Corporate account 10 working days 500 USD

AP Anlage & Privatbank offers a wide range of financial services to legal entities and individuals since 1995. The head office is located in Zurich, and the institution’s activities extend to the entire Europe, including CIS countries.

There are several advantages in opening an account with AP Anlage & Privatbank:

  • competent management structure, which includes Swiss and German financiers;
  • a personal manager that is assigned for each client;
  • the possibility of remote maintenance;
  • confidentiality of information;
  • orientation to cooperation with the countries of the, Europe and CIS.

Procedure for opening an account

Despite the high client-orientation, the bank carefully analyses each applicant, which may slow down the whole process and cause difficulties for the clients while opening an account. Team of skilled professionals at Prifinance company may help you choose the right bank product and prepare a set of documents:

  1. For individuals – a passport, other identification papers.
  2. For legal entities:
    • corporate documents (copies are provided), prints, apostille;
    • documents identifying the participants of the legal entity (copies of civil and foreign passports);
    • confirmation of the registration addresses of the company’s participants (requires notarization).

Bank may require additional data in case client requests to issue cards for the newly opened accounts. The manager of the financial and credit institution will report about the need for an extended package of documents.

Opening of an account in AP Anlage & PrivatBank begins with the completion of a questionnaire and preparation of a description of the company’s activities. These documents are attached to the copies of the statutory documents, documents to the beneficiary and the asset manager. From the moment the documents are presented to the bank till the personal meeting with the bank representatives for the final procedures may pass up to 14 days. Our team of specialists at Prifinance will follow the observance of all the rules, which will significantly speed up the procedure and increase the chances of its successful completion.


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