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Noor Islamic Bank

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Noor Islamic Bank
Corporate account from 3 weeks 1000 USD

Noor Islamic Bank was founded not so long ago, in 2008, in the UAE. Despite the relative “youth”, the bank is known not only in the country but also beyond its borders. It provides all traditional banking services, cooperates with both residents and foreign citizens/companies.

The head office of the structure is located in Dubai, offices are open in Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Al Ain. Private individuals and companies can become Bank customers. Also, it is possible to open offshore accounts in Noor Islamic Bank. To do this, a personal visit of the applicant (his representative) to the bank is necessary. If a nominal representative is used to manage a company, he and the real owner/shareholder must visit the UAE.

How to become a bank customer?

An opening of an account requires the applicant to submit the following documents:

  • constituent parts – originals or notarized copies, necessarily in English;
  • apostilled Certificate of the Good Standing – for companies established over a year ago;
  • documents identifying the identity of the director/beneficiary/shareholders;
  • business plan (in English);
  • a description of the funds receipt sources (in English);
  • CV of the beneficiary;
  • confirmation of the address (bills for electricity, telephone, postal orders and so on).

When deciding on cooperation, it is worth considering the specific features of the country. Friday and Saturday are days off. The Bank reserves the right to request additional documents. Employees of “Prifinance” will help to save customers time and minimize the risk of failure on the part of the bank.


If you order a new company untill 31 of July, opening a bank account is for FREE

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