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Emirates NBD

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Emirates NBD
Corporate account from 3 weeks 1000 USD

Emirates NBD is quite a young bank, founded in 2007. This did not prevent it to become the largest one in the Persian Gulf in terms of assets. The Bank provides services in the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, England, Qatar, Singapore, India, Jersey, Iran.

An opening of an account with Emirates NBD is beneficial for a number of reasons:

  • a reliability of financial and credit institution;
  • a minimum of accompanying documentation;
  • management of financial resources through a convenient Internet banking client;
  • tolerant service conditions, low commissions;
  • assigning an individual manager to the customer.

Employees of “Prifinance” will accompany the process of an interaction with the bank, will undertake all organizational issues.

Procedure for opening an account

The applicant (legal entity) must submit the following to Emirates NBD:

  • a copy of the passport certified with a personal signature;
  • a certificate of residence (a housing and utility bill, mail notification can serve as a proof);
  • a repute from the servicing bank.
  • a brief resume (employees of “Prifinance” will help to make it up).

A completed questionnaire is provided together with the documents (the bank provides a form) for an account opening and connection of the funds management option through Internet banking.

A copy of the passport with a stamp confirming an entry into the UAE, an extract from the current account with the bank for the past three months are required from private entities.

An opening of an account in Emirates NBD has some features. All provided copies must be colored, a personal presence of the applicant/director of the company in the bank is necessary. It is also worth bearing in the mind that the bank does not have Russian-language support, and Friday is a day off.

About these and other nuances you will be consulted by the specialists of “Prifinance” company. We will collect the necessary package of documents and accompany the entire process of interaction with the bank.


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