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State Bank of Mauritius Ltd

Name Account type Account Opening Period Price
State Bank of Mauritius Ltd
Corporate account 3-4 weeks 500 USD

State Bank of Mauritius Ltd is a bank in the SBM Group, the second largest in Mauritius. It offers a wide range of banking products to individuals and legal entities, forms separate programs of cooperation with non-residents.

Opening an account with State Bank of Mauritius Ltd is a rather lengthy procedure, that can take 3-4 working weeks. At the same time, everything happens quite simply. It is necessary to prepare the documents and send them to the bank. If the package is complete, all requirements are met, managers take the papers for consideration remotely, there is no need to spend money and time on a personal visit to the office in Mauritius. Reference letters from servicing banks are usually not required.

How to become a client of the bank?

Acquaintance of the bank with the potential client begins with studying the documents provided by him. Among them:

  • completed application form;
  • A certificate, confirming the intention to open the account (it must specify the currency);
  • license of the applicant company;
  • constituent papers, charter;
  • list of beneficiaries, shareholders and directors of the company;
  • documents, identifying beneficiaries (those whose shares are equal to or exceed 25%);
  • confirmation of the correctness of the indicated addresses of shareholders, directors of the company (receipts for utility payments, extracts from house books);
  • a scheme of organizational structure with the indication of business partners.

Employees of “Prifinance” will join the process of opening the account with State Bank of Mauritius Ltd. We will collect the documents and monitor their compliance with the declared requirements, provide advice on choosing the optimal banking product, additional financial instruments.


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