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Mauritius Commercial Bank Limited

Name Account type Account Opening Period Price
Mauritius Commercial Bank Limited
Corporate account 3-4 weeks 500 USD

Mauritius Commercial Bank Limited is rightfully considered one of the backbone in Mauritius. The head office is in Port Louis. Many non-residents choose the jurisdiction for the allocation of assets, their accumulation and movement due to economic stability and loyal service conditions. This is offshore.

Opening an account with the Mauritius Commercial Bank Limited will ensure avoidance of double taxation, foreign exchange control. Bank secrecy is observed here. Non-residents are served fairly quickly and on loyal terms. Almost for every account a card is issued.

In addition to loyal offshore conditions, non-residents are attracted by the lack of payment for opening of settlement accounts, as well as requirements for minimum irreducible balance. The Bank conducts transactions with credit and financial institutions around the world, the minimum transfer amount outside the jurisdiction is 10 euros, within the bank – 5 euros.

How to become a client of the bank?

To open the account with the Mauritius Commercial Bank Limited, it is necessary to prepare a package of documents, approved by the bank and send it through the courier service to the head office. Employees require the provision of originals or notarized papers, translated into English. They review the application within 10 days. Response of the bank and operativeness of the response, depends on how accurately the requirements are fulfilled. If any inaccuracies or suspicious moments are revealed, the manager may request additional references or certificates.

Employees of “Prifinance” will help to avoid mistakes and minimize the waiting time for a response from the bank. We will recommend the best financial instruments, taking into account the specificity of each applicant’s activities.


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