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Intesa Sanpaolo

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Intesa Sanpaolo
Corporate account 3-6 weeks 1000 EUR

Intesa Sanpaolo is one of the most reliable and oldest Italian banks, which pays great attention to small and medium-sized businesses. The bank’s list of benefits includes a wide range of banking products and services but is not limited to them.

Advantages of Intesa Sanpaolo Bank account

Intesa Sanpaolo account has the following benefits:

  • a high degree of security of clients’ finances and data;
  • a vast network of correspondent banks all over the world;
  • the ability to manage the account online.

Procedure for opening Intesa Sanpaolo account

You can open an Intesa Sanpaolo bank account in person or by proxy. However, individuals shall submit a completed application form and identification documents. Individuals must also obtain a tax number in the jurisdiction. In addition, the bank requests proof of the legitimacy of the funds’ origin.

A legal entity that wants to have a corporate account with Intesa Sanpaolo provides a completed application form, founding documents, information on the activities, and a signature card. Also provided are the documents that certify the director’s authority and the persons who may carry out operations on the account. If it is planned to place specific amounts on the account, the bank may request confirmation of the legitimacy of the origin of these funds. Furthermore, the bank, at its discretion, requests additional information and documents to ensure that the customer’s activity is not connected with money laundering, terrorist financing, as well as the excellent reputation of the client.

How Prifinance lawyers can help

If you are planning to open an Intesa Sanpaolo account, Prifinance lawyers are ready to provide comprehensive support for the process, including:

  • evaluate the profitability and likelihood of opening an account in your case;
  • gather and process the necessary data and documents;
  • negotiate with bank officials and local authorities;
  • provide legal support in resolving situations that arise during the account.

Provide input for individual advice and suggestions.


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