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Name Account type Account Opening Period Price
Corporate account 2-3 weeks 700 EUR

Swedbank is one of the most famous, large-scale and convenient banks for non-residents, represented in the Baltic States. It can effectively cooperate with individuals and corporate clients. Each account, which the bank opens, is assigned with the IBAN-number of the international standard. Applicants can carry out the procedure remotely (through representatives with notarial detailed powers of attorney), but Swedbank always requires convincing reasons for registration — otherwise it will refuse the application.

In order not to face this, it is worth taking advantage of the support of the company “Prifinance”. With us, opening an account with Swedbank will be effective and as “painless” as possible for private and legal entities. Having resorted to our services, customers get access to all the advantages of the structure within 7 working days from the date of filing applications (on average) :

  • convenient remote control tools: Internet banking in Russian, Home Banking, telephone and email-control;
  • a wide network of branches and ATMs;
  • high-speed transfers;
  • accounts of the “pan-Baltic” type, that operate on the territory of all three countries;
  • cards and banking products;
  • the opportunity to establish an enterprise through a “start” account and so on.

Collection of documents and procedure for opening the account

Opening the account with Swedbank together with “Prifinance” relieves the applicant from the need to collect all documentation independently, formulate arguments and come to Estonia for registration. We will check the availability of all necessary papers and the correctness of their registration before filing.

For a private person, a passport or other identifying certificate is sufficient (ID-card, seaworthy book, driver’s license and so on). If there is a need to open the account for a large amount, the bank can additionally request confirmation of the sources of funds.

Corporate applicants must be provided with:

  • constituent/statutory documents, cards with samples of signatures and seals, copies of passports of founders/beneficiaries — notarized and apostilled;
  • bank forms, completed and signed (originals);
  • confirmation of residence addresses for business founders and company managers;
  • business plan, description of activities;
  • to the representative — originals of identification documents and a power of attorney from a notary to open the account with Swedbank.

Also, other documents may be needed — the bank solves this individually. And in any situation, “Prifinance” will help to successfully and quickly complete all the formalities.


If you order a new company untill 31 of July, opening a bank account is for FREE

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