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PPF banka

Name Account type Account Opening Period Price
PPF banka
Corporate account 2 weeks 2600 EUR

PPF Banka works with medium and large corporate clients, as well as private persons. The Bank actively cooperates with companies, that participate in international trade. An exception is not and offshore.

Opening an account in the foreign bank involves a number of procedures, that are individual for each country and financial institution. Sometimes it is necessary to participate in formal meetings with representatives, who seek to make sure in:

  • positive business reputation of the applicant;
  • financial stability of the company;
  • availability of positive credit history and recommendations;
  • authenticity of the information provided.

Assistance in negotiating and collecting the package of requested documents is provided by our specialists. “Prifinance” at a professional level assists in the procedure for opening the account with minimal time and maximum return in the form of a transaction concluded under all rules. We have been working with the PPF Banka (Czech Republic) for many years and are familiar with all the nuances of the application and filing.

When concluding an agreement with the Czech bank, clients get access to its main services:

  • registration of loans and deposits;
  • transactions related to valuable security;
  • insurance;
  • issue of debit and credit Master Card;
  • investment and others.

It is possible to open the account and make money transfer transactions in any currency available in the bank. Monthly service for private persons is free of charge. Companies pay for account management the amount of 5 euros (the exact amount must be learned at the time of the conclusion of the contract). The account statement is sent monthly to the e-mail without paying an additional fee for the service.

Opening the account – the necessary documents

The company prepares the following documents for the purpose of opening the account:

  • constituent documents (including the Charter) in the originals;
  • certificate of Incumbency – the document of established sample, containing information about the company;
  • originals of civil and foreign passports of participants;
  • confirmation of the place of residence and registration of the manager of the account;
  • completed questionnaire from the bank.

The decision on satisfaction in the application for opening the account or rejection is accepted within 10 working days. The extension of the period is caused by the request for additional documents. Also, the bank may refuse to conclude a transaction without explaining the reasons.


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