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Bank account Hellenic Bank

NameAccount typeOpening periodPrice
Hellenic Bankcurrent account3-4 weeks700 EUR700 EUR700 EUR

Hellenic Bank

Account type current account
Opening period 3-4 weeks
Price 700 EUR

Cyprus is one of the most convenient and popular jurisdictions for conducting international business. The Internet company as well as a traditional trading or investment firm, can place its assets and create accounts in it. The banking sector of the island is very developed and the choice of structures in which it is possible to draw up accounts is impressive.

Hellenic Bank Cyprus is a modern, large and successful financial institution with which many representatives of domestic business cooperate. It is possible to managing accounts by proxy. The bank has many solutions for different business and private purposes.

Features of the procedure

For operational accounts, the Hellenic Bank does not issue requirements for minimum balance, but for investment and savings it must be at least 250 thousand euros.

The procedure consists of several stages:

  • preparation of documentation: its list varies from the order of creating the account — in person or through a representative;
  • visiting the bank's representative office (or contacting its representative, necessarily in the presence of beneficiaries and stewards) and filling in the bank forms, questionnaires, contracts, necessary to open the account, samples of signatures and seals of the applicant-company and its proxies;
  • the transfer of all documents and the expectation of a decision — in order to receive all the requisites, it usually takes no more than two weeks;
  • making a deposit activating the account, after receiving the requisites — for this, as well as for connecting through the Hellenic Bank's website in Cyprus, an Internet-based management with the help of codes, takes no more than a month.

For individuals it is necessary to prepare ID-documentation and proof of residence, and corporate clients need substantially more securities:

  • for the company itself — originals and apostille of corporate documentation, seal, description of business (free form, must specify the address of the actual business);
  • for owners/beneficiaries/directorate/managers — originals of identity cards, confirmation of addresses (utility bills or similar receipts), bank recommendations (confirmation of the existence of accounts);
  • for opening without a personal visit to the island in the Hellenic Bank in addition to the above securities — ID-data and a recommendatory bank letter to the manager, notarization of authority.

The Hellenic Bank opens accounts in more than 30 types of currencies, offers internet banking, issues cards. It should be remembered, that it reserves the right to request supporting information in the form of invoices, contracts, information on sources of funds. This can be encountered when opening the account and in the process of making transactions, as the Hellenic Bank website warns in Cyprus.

To protect yourself, it is necessary to entrust the procedure of registration for the company "Prifinance". We have long and successfully worked with Cypriot financial institutions and will be able to complete all procedures quickly and qualitatively.

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