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Eurobank EFG Cyprus

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Eurobank EFG Cyprus
Corporate account 2-3 weeks 700 EUR

Many representatives of domestic and international business place funds in Cypriot banking institutions. One of the convenient and multifunctional organizations is Eurobank EFG Cyprus Ltd. The bank is available in many countries, provides a full range of services and portfolios of solutions. It is convenient due to many factors:

  • gives an opportunity to open an account remotely, without a direct visit to the island (actual for both companies and individuals);
  • there are no requirements for minimally irreducible residues;
  • almost always, the registration procedure is completed in seven working days;
  • it is not necessary to transmit to the Eurobank Cyprus the initial contributions;
  • provides modern and convenient Internet banking, a written mechanism (by code tables);
  • opening/closing/account maintenance is free of charge.

The account can be issued also for offshore company, but the bank always reserves the right to request contracts/invoices, data on sources of funds and other documentation on ongoing operations. When creating the account, a similar rule applies: To the standard package, the structure can, at its discretion, add other securities. This is due to the fact, that Cyprus is a jurisdiction from a “trustworthy” list and monitors its reputation.

How to open the account

The Eurobank EFG Cyprus Ltd draws up invoices for all applicants in a similar procedure. Initially, it is necessary to collect the documentation and to assure copies for it:

  1. Individuals will need standard securities, that are included in all banking requirements — passports, proof of residence, financial position and so on.
  2. Enterprise customers to open the account, provide:
    • a document describing the business – in an arbitrary form, but necessarily with an indication of the actual address of its operation;
    • constituent-charter papers (originals) and seal;
    • documentation for account managers, directors and beneficiaries of the firm — originals of identity cards with their apostilled copies, data on residence, confirmation of their bank accounts in outside structures;
    • certificates and declarations of shareholders, minutes on the appointment of shareholders and officials (if the place of registration of the firm is not Cyprus, but other jurisdictions) and other documents.

Further it is required to fill in bank forms, applications and personally sign them. This should be done either in the branch/representative office of the Eurobank Cyprus, or in the presence of an authorized employee. If the procedure is carried out by companies with beneficiaries or the account has managers, their presence is mandatory. After that, the bank makes a decision and transfers to the owner all the details, cards and keys.

Applying to “Prifinance” the client can always count on the most favorable result. We have been working for a long time with the banks of the island and have accumulated extensive experience in solving all, even complex, situations.


If you order a new company untill 31 of July, opening a bank account is for FREE

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