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Bank of Cyprus

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Bank of Cyprus
Corporate account 2-3 weeks 700 EUR

Cyprus provides foreign residents and international investors with ample opportunities for activities. Although this is not a typical offshore company, but a respectable jurisdiction, it has developed a convenient and secure mechanism for working with banks. The financial sector of the country is developed no less than in any European state, therefore, here with pleasure, the private and corporate entities open accounts.

The list of banks in Cyprus is extensive, but the most attractive is the use of several structures. One of them is Bank of Cyprus, founded back in the late 19th century. Today, the Bank of Cyprus provides a wide range of services and attractive in view of:

  • the absence of requirements for non-reducible balances on the accounts;
  • work with more than 30 currencies — not all Cypriot banks are so universal;
  • ample opportunities of Internet and remote banking;
  • the possibility of opening accounts without a personal visit to the island (and even to Moscow) and the simplicity of the clearance procedure.

The Bank of Cyprus is a structure, operating under EU rules, so it can request additional information, information about the applicant. When opening accounts, in order to complete application successful, it is recommended to use support of the company “Prifinance”. We have accumulated extensive experience of successful cooperation with the bank, and we manage even difficult situations.

Opening procedure

To open an account for a corporate or private client, you need a different list of documents:

  • private persons will need completed questionnaires, passports, proof of residence and recommendations from their own bank (for example, an extract).
  • corporate applicants need to collect all the constituent documentation (with the originals), submit a questionnaire and, if the company has already “fulfilled” the year, the Certificate of Good Standing. The passports of the directorate/founders, confirmations, that the firm has accounts in other banks, and the beneficiaries really own it, confirmations of availability of the addresses and a package of bank forms are needed.

The order of registration is practically the same in both cases:

  • the required papers are collected (copies must be apostilled), an application is written to the Bank of Cyprus;
  • the signature of the applicant is certified by the partner of the bank – they are in all major cities of the country;
  • the documents must be submitted to the office personally or through a representative;
  • after 2-7 days, with a positive result, the keys of Internet banking are usually ready, and the account number becomes available, as a rule, the next day.

The Bank of Cyprus can request other papers. It always reserves the right to an individual consideration of the matter, but, by cooperating with “Prifinance”, applicants can count on the successful registration of the account.


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