Bank accounts in Bulgaria

Bank name Account type Account Opening Period Price
UniCredit Bulbank
Corporate account 2-3 weeks 1000 EUR

Bulgaria is one of the most reliable European jurisdictions for doing business, which has created favorable conditions for it and, at the same time, ensured high standards, including banking operations. Opening a Bulgarian foreign bank account is advantageous due to the following.

Advantages of opening bank accounts in Bulgaria

There are several advantages of opening a Bulgarian foreign bank account, including:

  • open access to financial transactions within the EU and around the world;
  • reliable local banks that adhere to high industry standards;
  • favorable tax conditions;
  • low bank account maintenance costs, including IBAN;
  • ease of opening and maintaining an account with a Bulgarian bank.

The list of benefits is basic but can be expanded depending on the conditions of the business case. Prifinance lawyers will help you choose the options for opening bank accounts in Bulgaria, which can guarantee the maximum number of benefits for your business project.

Procedure and nuances of opening a bank account in Bulgaria

Any natural person can open a bank account in Bulgaria that provides their personal and passport data and proof of residence address (paid utility bills). A legal entity must provide, among other things, the following documents and data:

  • information on the current status of registration;
  • constituent documents;
  • information on beneficiaries, shareholders, as well as managers of the company;
  • documents with the signatures of officials who are authorized to sign payment documents.

The required documents must be executed appropriately with an apostille or proof of consular legalization of the documents. The process of opening a Bulgarian foreign bank account covers the following indicative steps:

  • collection and preparation of the package of documents;
  • submitting a package of documents for consideration;
  • providing additional information at the request of the bank employees;
  • receiving confirmation of the opening of the bank account, as well as the bank card.

A pivotal nuance to opening bank accounts in Bulgaria - only a resident can do it if it is a personal account for an individual or a resident director if it is a company. Prifinance lawyers are ready to provide detailed advice on collecting and processing documents for opening an account in a Bulgarian bank and take care of its support.

How Prifinance lawyers can help

Suppose you plan to open a Bulgarian foreign bank account. In that case, Prifinance lawyers are ready to provide full legal support for the process, from the decision to close the account. Among other things, the lawyers are prepared to:

  • analyze the background of the business case, as well as its nuances;
  • propose several options for opening a bank account in Bulgaria, which could be suitable for the business case (at least 2-3 options);
  • to find out the conditions for opening a bank account in the selected bank and draw up a package of documents under such requirements;
  • accompany the procedure for opening a bank account, including negotiations with bank officials;
  • receive cards and access to Internet banking on your behalf;
  • negotiate and attend to the resolution of any issues with local government authorities, including notifying the tax authorities of the account opening.

Prifinance lawyers will be happy to provide other advice and services related to your business activities. Send input for customized solutions.

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