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Bendigo Bank

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Bendigo Bank
Corporate account 3-4 weeks 1700 USD

Bendigo Bank is one of the top Australian banks and has a vast network of branches across the region and a diversified list of banking services. As a result, account holders at the bank in question have access to many benefits.

Advantages of Bendigo Bank

A Bendigo Bank account gives the owner access to the following benefits:

  • ease of closing transactions and making settlements, including in foreign currencies for international commerce;
  • high level of banking service;
  • confidentiality of client data and communications;
  • possibility of remote account opening and management;
  • reliable reputation.

Account opening procedure

Opening a Bendigo Bank account does not involve unnecessary bureaucratic formalities but requires compliance with the bank’s internal policies. The bank offers options for opening transactional, savings, and deposit accounts.

Individuals provide their resumes, information about activities, originals and duly certified copies of passports, utility receipts (confirmation of address of registration), and income information.

Corporate clients must register with the relevant Australian government authorities before applying by obtaining a business registration number and a unique nine-digit identifier. For opening a new account, legal entities also provide information on their activities, business plan, originals, and duly certified copies of the company’s constituent documents, which confirm the legal entity’s current status. Also, information about the shareholders, beneficiaries, and management of the legal entity (for each):

  • passport;
  • identification number;
  • visa (for non-residents);
  • utility bills (proof of address);
  • information on activities and income.

The bank reserves the right to request additional information and documents (such as bank statements on active accounts or letters of recommendation) under KYC procedures. The bank also has the right to refuse to open a bank account in case of non-compliance with bank policies or submission of incomplete/inaccurate information. Prifinance lawyers are experienced in opening bank accounts and are prepared to help with proper application forms to avoid the risk of refusal to open an account.

How Prifinance lawyers can help

If you are planning to open a Bendigo Bank account, Prifinance lawyers are ready to provide comprehensive support for the process, namely:

  • evaluate the profitability and likelihood of implementing opening bank account option, and offer alternatives;
  • gather and process the necessary information;
  • draw up applications and related documents according to the bank’s policies;
  • provide advice to resolve situations that arise during working on the account.

Send input to the lawyers for individual advice and solutions.


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