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Valartis Bank (Austria)

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Valartis Bank
Investment Account from 2 weeks 1000 USD

For full-fledged activities and financial transactions, an offshore company must have a bank account. Favorable conditions for cooperation offer a large number of foreign financial institutions in different parts of the world. Austria is known as a country with one of the most reliable banking systems on the territory of “Old Europe”. The legislation of the financial market is constantly updated and creates comfortable conditions for corporate and private clients.

By opening an account with Valartis Bank, companies get access to the following services:

  • corporate multicurrency and investment instruments;
  • issue of Visa and Mastercard cards for the company;
  • registration and maintenance of accounts of individuals.

Money can be managed through e-mail or fax, and Internet-based services greatly simplify the process of communicating with managers and checking the balance. Opening of the account will be obtained only after entering the commission for the service (the exact value must be learned at the time of the transaction).

Reduce the risks in the preparation of contractual relations with Valartis Bank (in Liechtenstein, including) and quickly prepare the necessary package of documents will help the specialists of “Prifinance”. We are familiar with all the subtleties of the structure of foreign banks and guarantee our clients the conclusion of a transaction without delays and refunds.

Required documents package and other terms of account opening

To open the account with the Australian branch of the bank, it is necessary to prepare certain documents:

  • bank forms (samples of signatures of managers and responsible persons and the company’s seal);
  • civil and foreign passports, officially certified by a notary;
  • a recommendation letter from the “home” bank;
  • description of the company’s activities and letters of recommendation from partners;
  • constituent documents, apostille, seal.

The list of documents for Valartis Bank Liechtenstein AG is slightly reduced: there is no need to provide letters of recommendation and confirmation of the bank in the territory of the country in which the company is registered.

The procedure for executing a transaction to open the account takes from seven to ten days. Personal presence of the head in the bank is not required. The original documents are sent to Valartis only for copying, after which, returns to the applicant company in full. The initial payment to the account is transferred after obtaining consent from the financial institution.


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