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Unicredit Bank Austria

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Unicredit Bank Austria
Corporate account 3-4 weeks 2100 EUR

Unicredit Bank Austria AG is one of the largest banking institutions in Europe, with a solid reputation and a wide range of banking products. Unicredit Group has an extensive network, as well as many correspondent relationships with banks around the world. The list of benefits this banking institution provides is not limited to those mentioned above.

Advantages of Unicredit Bank Austria

A Unicredit Bank Austria account has the following benefits:

  • adding bonuses to the reputation and respectability of the business;
  • possibility to open an account remotely;
  • loyal conditions of settlements;
  • high level of confidentiality of banking and personal data;
  • opportunity to carry out payments in international currencies without restrictions;
  • absence of requirements for a minimum deposit, annual turnover, and account balance;
  • possibility of remote account management.

How to open a Unicredit Bank Austria account?

The bank in question opens personal and corporate accounts. Opening a new account to be present in person is unnecessary – to issue a power of attorney to the representative is enough. But in some cases, the bank requires a personal or online meeting if additional information is needed.

Collecting information and documents and properly arranging them will be necessary at the preliminary stage of opening a Unicredit Bank Austria account. The bank adheres to the principle of “know your client” and may require additional information and documents to understand who the client is clearly. Among other things, information about the line of business and the sources of income of individuals who intend to open accounts is essential. For legal entities, it is important to submit information about the type of activity and proof of the legitimacy of the origin of the income.

In addition to the application form, the primary documents provided by individuals include their passports and documents confirming their residence address (utility receipts or bank statements). Legal entities provide originals and duly certified copies of constituent documents for consideration. Companies that have existed for more than one year also provide a document that confirms proper reputation and current status – A Certificate of Good Standing.

Legal entities also provide documents on the beneficiaries, managers, and account managers:

  • identification documents;
  • proof of address (receipts of payment of utilities).

Documents from jurisdictions that are signatories to the 1961 Hague Convention are submitted with apostille. In other cases, consular legalization is required. The bank reserves the right to request additional information and documents and refuses to open an account. Prifinance lawyers are ready to help with risk prevention and increase the chances of opening an account. The average time to open an account is 7-14 days.

How Prifinance lawyers can help

If you are considering opening a Unicredit Bank Austria account, the lawyers at Prifinance are ready to help, among other things, with the following questions:

  • consider the nuances of the business case and assess the likelihood of opening a Unicredit Bank Austria AG account;
  • to form a package of documents and collect information for consideration by the bank;
  • conduct negotiations with bank employees, as well as representatives of local authorities;
  • provide legal support to resolve issues that will arise in the process of closing operations on the account.

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