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Raiffeisen Bank

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Raiffeisen Bank
Corporate account 3-4 weeks 2100 EUR

Raiffeisen Bank is one of the most famous banks that has built a reputation as a reliable financial partner and offers a wide range of services for clients, including business people. The benefits provided by the bank are not limited to those mentioned above.

Advantages of opening a Raiffeisen account

When evaluating the option of opening a Raiffeisen Bank account, consider the following benefits:

  • international service standards;
  • variety of banking products and service rates, including discounts;
  • possibility to manage the account and close transactions online;
  • high level of protection of client data;
  • opportunity to pass currency control without cumbersome bureaucratic procedures.

The procedure of opening a Raiffeisen Bank account

To open a Raiffeisen Bank account, an individual provides identification documents, a questionnaire, and information about the legitimacy of the origin of the funds to be placed on the account. In addition, the bank requires information on the types of activities carried out by the client. Furthermore, at its discretion, the bank may request other information to verify the client’s good reputation.

Corporate clients can open an account with Raiffeisen Bank by submitting a completed questionnaire, founding documents, and cards with specimen signatures of persons authorized to close transactions on the account. In addition, documents that confirm the authority of the account manager are provided. Legal entities also offer information about their activities. Raiffeisen Bank needs to ensure the legality of the origin of the funds and the absence of any connection to money laundering or terrorist financing. Furthermore, at its discretion, the bank asks for additional information and documents to ensure that the client has a good reputation.

How Prifinance lawyers can help

If you want to have a Raiffeisen Bank account, Prifinance lawyers are ready to support the process of opening an account from start to close, including:

  • evaluate the profitability of opening an account in your particular case;
  • collect and process the necessary data and documents;
  • negotiate with bank officials and local authorities;
  • provide legal support in dealing with situations that arise in further work on the account at Raiffeisen Bank.

Provide input for individual advice and suggestions on how to open a Raiffeisen Bank account.


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