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Bank account Meinl Bank

NameAccount typeOpening periodPrice
Meinl Bankcurrent account2-3 weeks1000 USD1000 USD1000 USD

Meinl Bank

Account type current account
Opening period 2-3 weeks
Price 1000 USD

Meinl Bank ag Austria is an investment and financial institution. The Bank has been operating for more than 90 years and throughout its existence has been providing quality property management and investment services. Cooperation is built on the terms of corporate and private services of legal entities, located on the territory of different countries. A traditional company can manage its finances from a distance at the expense of modern Internet technologies. Online system for the convenience of users is configured in several languages.

To open an account with this bank, there is no need to personally visit the country. The conclusion of the agreement is carried out with the help of representative offices, located in the Netherlands, Switzerland and other parts of the world. "Prifinance" will professionally prepare a package of necessary documents and take on the communication with the official bodies.

After the conclusion of the contract, the main services of the bank will be available:

  • receipt of debit and credit cards;
  • opening accounts for individuals and companies;
  • Internet service in languages: English and German;
  • advisory assistance in the choice of the investment object;
  • settlement operations;
  • transactions of acquisitions and mergers and other procedures.

Features of opening the account

To open the account with the Austrian banking institution, it is necessary to prepare a standard package of securities:

  • originals of constituent documents of the company;
  • apostille and seal;
  • civil and foreign passport of each member of the company (actual for owners and shareholders);
  • a notarized confirmation of the registration of each participant (receipt of payment for utility services at the permanent or temporary place of residence).

It will take up from two to three weeks to process the documents, if circumstances do not appear in connection with which the bank can give a refuse.

Austria is a country with strict orders, and documentary procrastination, as a rule, does not happen. The cost of registration and opening of the account is within 1 000 euros. A quarterly maintenance fee of 250 euros is paid. The cost of conducting transactions must be known from the manager, as a rule, it is fixed.

The owner has a 24-hour access to his account online. Modern technologies allow to perform operations independently and remotely, without seeking help from managers.

To the main account any client (where it be the individual or the company) can open an additional account in another currency: Canadian dollar, British pound, Czech koruna, Polish zloty and others.

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