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Erste Bank
Corporate account 3-4 weeks 2100 EUR

Erste Bank is one of the most reliable Austrian banks, popular among business people in Central and Eastern Europe. Erste Bank provides a wide range of banking services and is focused on supporting growing businesses – small and medium-sized.

Advantages of opening an Erste Bank account

An Erste Bank account has the following benefits:

  • simplicity and clarity of the procedure for opening a new account;
  • access to the advantages of the developed banking system;
  • European standards of banking services;
  • possibility to protect assets and diversify risks;
  • high confidentiality level for the clients;
  • case of remote management of the account;
  • ease of closing international transactions.

The procedure for opening an Erste Bank account

To open an Erste Bank account is possible for personal purposes as well as for business services. In all cases, a personal visit to the bank is required, as well as completing a questionnaire. This form must be filled out correctly, including information about the applicant. Properly executed documents are also submitted along with the questionnaire. If they come from countries that are signatories to the 1961 Hague Convention, an apostille will suffice, but in other cases, consular legalization is necessary. A specific list of documents submitted for consideration depends on the case’s specifics. But in any case, the following documents are considered.

Individuals provide originals, duly certified copies of identification documents, and proof of address (utility receipts and bank statements). Individuals also provide information on types of activities and sources of income.

Legal entities submit originals and duly certified copies of constituent documents, information on types of activities, sources of income, as well as data on the structure of the group. For legal entities, it is essential to confirm the legality of the business without a connection of income with money laundering and terrorist financing.

Erste Bank Austria reserves the right to request additional data and documents to verify the client’s reliability. Prifinance lawyers are ready to advise you on the requirements and the package of documents in your case.

How Prifinance lawyers can help

If you plan to open an Erste Bank account, the Prifinance lawyers are ready to accompany all stages of the process, including the following steps:

  • analyze the specifics of the business case, assessing the probability and profitability of opening an account in your case;
  • collect and process the required documents and data;
  • negotiate with bank officials and local authorities;
  • provide legal assistance to deal with situations that arise in further work on the account.

Provide input for individual advice and suggestions on the issue.


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