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Bank of Queensland

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Bank of Queensland
Corporate account 3-4 weeks 1700 USD

Bank of Queensland is one of the top banking institutions in Australia, with a comprehensive list of branches throughout the region (more than 150). The bank provides a diversified list of services and banking products. Opening an account with this bank makes many benefits available to the owner.

Bank advantages

The option of opening a Bank of Queensland account offers the following advantages:

  • access to a developed financial market and quality banking services;
  • simplification of the financial management process;
  • high level of confidentiality and security;
  • the simple and transparent procedure of application review and account opening;
  • availability of modern Internet banking.

Account opening procedure

Legal entities planning to open a Bank of Queensland account must provide, among other things:

  • business information, organizational, legal structure, and the system of the group to which the legal entity belongs (if available);
  • originals and duly certified constituent documents of the legal entity, as well as documents that confirm the active status of the company;
  • information on the beneficiaries, founders, and management of the company (originals and duly certified copies of passports, copies of receipts for payment of utility bills as proof of residence).

The bank reserves the right to request additional information and documents depending on the case.

To open a Bank of Queensland account, individuals must provide original and duly certified documents that prove their identity and proof of residency (utility receipts). You will also need to provide information about your income. The bank may ask for additional information and documents.

How Prifinance lawyers can help

If you are planning to open a Bank of Queensland account, Prifinance lawyers are ready to provide comprehensive support for the process, namely:

  • evaluate the profitability and likelihood of implementing opening bank account option, and offer alternatives;
  • collect and prepare the necessary data and documents;
  • negotiate with local authorities and bank officials;
  • provide legal support to resolve issues arising in further work on the account.

Provide input for individual advice and solutions to the issue.


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