Vanuatu Citizenship

Lots of investors who carry out business worldwide prefer obtaining dual citizenship. And many businessmen focus their attention on the second Vanuatu citizenship. The considered option is especially in demand among the players of the crypto industry, for instance. But, it may be attractive not only for businessmen but also for people who enjoy traveling and want to secure assets. Now, this evaluated option opens the subsequent advantages.

PROs of the considered option

After conferring the status of a Vanuatu investment citizenship holder, the subsequent benefits will become available:

  • options to travel across Vanuatu visa-free countries – 130+ states, including 45 European
  • advantageous tax opportunities
  • easy consideration process
  • zero language proficiency demands
  • absence of residency demands
  • high degree of confidentiality and safety of individual and business details
  • absence of tax treaties on cooperation with abroad state authorities
  • ease of opening accounts and a high level of banking privacy
  • adorable landscapes and conditions for living

Background information

The option of obtaining Vanuatu citizenship was created in 2016 and finally adopted by the local state authorities in 2017. The principal objective of the Development Support Programme was to stimulate economic growth, boost the development of the labor market, and ensure a balanced approach to forming the budget. This is also a family-friendly citizenship option as the family members are eligible and allowed to lodge an application (in particular, these are the main candidate, one’s spouse, and a child under 18 years old, as well as the parents of the main applicants under the age of 55). The procedure for obtaining a Vanuatu passport is not burdened with formalities.

Applicable demands

Certain peculiarities that each candidate must foresee to become eligible exist:

  • the age of the principal candidate should be 18-65 years old at the moment of submission of documents for consideration
  • all candidates should possess USD 500,000 of net assets (including USD 250,000 of banking assets) at the moment of lodging their documents
  • forming a 25% deposit of the costs for consideration at the moment of submission is necessary (the remaining 75% of the costs for consideration has to be repaid after the approval in principle
  • Absence of criminal records proven by the respective certificates from the jurisdiction where an applicant resided during the preceding 12 months and (if it is different) from the state of one’s principal nationality

Required costs

The procedure of conferring Vanuatu investment citizenship requires the repayment of the scope of payments foreseen by law:

  1. Principal contributions:

    The principal candidate has to repay a sum the value of which varies:

    • USD 130,000 for 1 candidate
    • USD 150,000 for a couple of a principal candidate and one’s spouse
    • USD 165,000 for a principal candidate, one’s spouse, and a single child
    • USD 180,000 principal candidate, one’s spouse, and two children
    • USD 25,000 for each subsequent dependant in the application (over two)
  2. Due diligence payments:

    Initially, any candidate has to contribute USD 6,000 to perform due diligence by the Government Financial Intelligence Unit. After this due diligence has been successfully performed, the principal candidate has to repay the residue of costs. When the matter comes to eligibility, reach Prifinance specialists to receive more precise consultations and suggestions.

Details for consideration

If you anticipate obtaining a Vanuatu passport, the subsequent info and documents are expected:

  1. Application forms for the principal candidate, one’s spouse, children, and parents who are lodging a joint package.
  2. Color scans of valid passports (cover page, the first three pages, and the last three pages of the docs for each candidate: for the principal candidate, one’s spouse, children, and parents).
  3. ID card (if any) color scans for all applying persons.
  4. Marriage certificate, translated in English (if made in another language).
  5. Documentary proof of the relations between the principal candidate and one’s parents (certificates of birth).
  6. Certificates of birth for the children who are applying.
  7. Police certificates for the principal and other applying persons whose age is 18+.
  8. Latest academic certificates or reports of the children who are 18-25 years old.
  9. Medical certificates for all candidates whose age is 18+.
  10. Latest education proofs for all applying dependent children.
  11. Evidence concerning the requested USD 500,000 of net assets (including USD 250,000 of banking assets) in possession.
  12. CV of the principal candidate along with the documentary evidence of his/her employment with one’s company.
  13. 6 colored passport photos for the principal candidate, one’s spouse, children, and parents.

If the mentioned records are translated, they should be also notarized. After all documents and verification procedures have been performed, the applicant may receive consent from the local state authorities. After that, he/she has to participate in the official ceremony of taking the Oath of a Vanuatu citizen. It should be emphasized that the oath-taking procedure can be formalized even from abroad.

The application consideration process is generally clear and is not associated with burdensome bureaucratic formalities. Still, to be on the safe side, always cooperate with well-informed consultants to maximize the chances of a successful application. If you need more precise consultation on the matter and assistance with forming the required set of application records and papers, our specialists will be happy to help you in figuring everything out.

How Prifinance Specialists May Help You

If you evaluate an option of immigration to Vanuatu, Prifinance lawyers are ready to consult you precisely on all crucial aspects of Vanuatu immigration, including the visa requirements for Vanuatu citizens if you are interested in this option. Prifinance lawyers are here to guide you on the next aspects:

  • eligibility of you as a prospective applicant and all intending family members
  • consult you on the options provided by Vanuatu passport visa-free countries
  • gather and formalize the entire info for consideration
  • searching for and negotiating all details with local partners
  • supporting the application procedure and negotiations with local state bodies
  • calculating the Vanuatu passport cost in your case, including all due diligence costs

If you search for more details on the matter for the reviewed or any other citizenship program, we suggest you refer to our specialists as soon as possible. Prifinance lawyers are ready to take into account each case and develop individualized plans to maximize the chances of getting Vanuatu citizenship for future investment. You can reach us shortly to get your personalized offer and be fully consulted.

Vanuatu Citizenship by Investment FAQs

Is it compulsory to enter Vanuatu physically to obtain its citizenship?

No, it is not required at all. All lodgements are accomplished remotely and through authorized representatives and agents. Even taking an oath can be made from abroad.

Is it allowed to possess citizenship in Vanuatu?

Yes, it is allowed.

How good is a Vanuatu passport considered to be?

The document is suitable for traveling across 130+ states, including European ones. Vanuatu citizens also enjoy preferential tax regimes and can enjoy a high level of confidentiality.

Is it possible for my spouse and children to apply too?

Yes, this opportunity is open to the spouse, children, and parents of the main candidate.

Can I return my funds invested?

No, it is considered to be a one-time payment that cannot be refunded after a decision is passed in favor of the candidates. Still, at the start, to be on the safe side, candidates may pay 25% of this amount that can be refunded in the case of rejection. Once 100% of the anticipated amount of investment is sent to the target fund, refunds are impossible.

Can you guarantee to issue a Vanuatu passport within 1 month?

Nobody can lawfully give you such a guarantee. Giving Vanuatu citizenship is at the sole discretion of the local state authorities. But, it is possible to minimize the risk of rejection and doubts with regard to a candidate after a scrutiny review of all information and documents for consideration by professional consultants.

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