Company registration in Palau

Name of service Bronze Silver Gold
Company name verification and reservation Verifying the availability and reserving of your preferred company name in the registry
Company registration (PLLC) including government fees Preparation and submission of all required documents and fees to the relevant government authorities for company registration, ensuring a streamlined process for our clients
Payment of state fees at the Department of Corporations and Commercial Code Payment of all mandatory fees for successful company registration
Internal Revenue Bureau registration Assistance with the company's tax registration at the local tax office Internal Revenue Bureau
Obtaining a tax number Individual Taxpayer Identification Number Full support in filing documents for obtaining a company tax number
A set of statutory documents of the company in electronic form Preparation of a comprehensive package of incorporation documents for any form of company ownership in electronic form
Company seal Providing the official seal of the company
Assistance in opening an account in: Palau Investment Bank Collecting, processing and filing the necessary documents for opening a corporate account with a local bank
Local director for one (1) year Provision of a local Palau resident director for signing company contracts and maintaining the confidentiality of the founder's data or opening an account with a local bank
Free consultation We offer a free consultation where you can discuss your needs and questions regarding company registration and management. Our experts will be happy to help you understand the process and provide guidance based on your situation. We are happy to answer your questions and help you make an informed decision about the services you need
Total cost
3800 USD 6700 USD 9800 USD
Provision of a legal address for 1 (one) year
800 USD 800 USD 800 USD
Remote company registration with transfer of authority
550 USD 550 USD 550 USD
Accounting services
150 USD 150 USD 150 USD

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The Republic of Palau has a tightly clustered archipelago of about 300 islands. It is an independent country that has signed the Compact of Free Association with the United States. This fact makes the idea of buying a company in Palau more attractive. In addition, the United States provides the Republic with economic aid and access to federal services and programs, permits citizens to reside in U.S. states and territories, and assumes responsibility for defense and security. A favorable tax regime is the main reason foreign investors are interested in establishing a business in Ngerulmud or any other city in Palau.

Advantages of registering a company

  • intensive growth of the economy;
  • absence of foreign exchange controls;
  • access to the large U.S. market.

Main forms of legal presence and doing business

  • limited liability company (LLC);
  • private company.

Registration procedure

  • Obtain permission for foreign investments;
  • Deposit the authorized capital into a bank account;
  • Check the uniqueness of the chosen company name in the Commercial Register;
  • Register the company with the Corporate Registrar in Palau;
  • Obtain an Employer Identification Number (EIN);
  • Register with the social security system;
  • Open a corporate bank account;
  • Obtain licenses and permits for conducting business.

Legislation and regulatory environment

The Foreign Investment Law is the primary legal act regulating non-resident entrepreneurs' activity in the country. According to this law, investors can open a firm in Palau only after obtaining the appropriate Certificate. The conditions for its issuance are:

  • Making capital investments of at least $500,000;
  • Employment of at least 20% of the total number of citizens of the Republic.

If these requirements are met, foreign investments will be evaluated according to economic necessity, usefulness, and impact on the social and cultural sphere.

Tax system

  • corporate tax - 12% (for income over $50,000);
  • PIT - 6% to 12% (depending on income level);
  • VAT - 10%;
  • dividend tax - 0%;
  • no capital gains tax.

Open a business in Palau: how the lawyers of Prifinance can assist

Prifinance lawyers will advise on the possibility of doing business in the Republic, select the appropriate legal form of activity, and support with bureaucratic procedures and administrative issues. With our assistance, you can buy a ready-made company in Palau. The specialists of Prifinance also deal with bookkeeping and the company's annual maintenance.


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