Company registration in Nevis

Name of service Silver Gold Platinum Brilliant
Company incorporation Preparation of a full package of documents depending on the chosen form of ownership, communication with authorities on all matters during the registration
Registration certificate Obtaining a certificate of registration of the company, passing all necessary procedures and preparing required documents.
Register of sharholders and directors Preparation of the shareholders and directors register for the new company in order to comply with the regulations of the jurisdiction in case the full confidentiality is required by the client
Shares ownership certificate Certificate that confirms the ownership of the company's shares, indicating their type and serial numbers
Registered agent and legal adress Person or legal entity indicated in the registration certificate a through which founders have communication with the authorities of the jurisdiction
Seal of the company Registration of the company's seal in accordance with the laws of the jurisdiction
Apostille service Documents apostille service and consultation on the types of documents, that require apostille
Nominee shareholder for 1 year If there is no possibility or need to attract real shareholders, we will provide the services of a nominal shareholder for the registration and business activities of the relevant company
Nominee director for 1 year In order to keep private information of the real owner of the company confidential it is useful to order a nominee director service. Nominee director has limited powers, so the owner of the company will have a full control over an incorporated enterprise
The Power of Attorney for one person Making of the power of attorney with different powers and terms, as well as a consultation from the side of the Prifinance legal advisors
Corporate bank account Preparation of the necessary package of documents and opening of a personal account in the bank from the recommended list or your choice
Personal bank account
Total cost
1000 USD 1400 USD 1400 USD 1400 USD
Annual renewal (paid from the second year)
900 USD 1300 USD 1300 USD 1300 USD


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The attractive offshore zone of St. Kitts & Nevis is rapidly increasing in popularity. Information about the owners of companies is not included in the registry – this provides entire confidentiality. According to the legislation, only a certain part of the information – the legal address of the local office and contacts of the registered agent – is subject to disclosure. If you are interested in starting a business in this jurisdiction, these endeavors may be realized through a local company incorporated in one of these forms.

Major Forms of Legal and Business Presence

Starting a business and operating worldwide from Nevis is possible by using one of these registration options:

  • Limited Liability Company – a local corporate entity whose members bear limited liability for the results of the entity’s operation within contributed amounts only. Such an enterprise may be formed for an unlimited period of time and shall always have its registered agents in Nevis. This entity may be formed by one person and management is vested after such members. The amount of capital contributions to chartered capital is not legally determined but practically it should be sufficient for arranging business activities of an enterprise.
  • International Business Company – a corporation designated for doing business worldwide with certain restrictions applied concerning forbidden types of activities (banking, financial, etc.). This entity can be formed by one person at least whose liability doesn’t exceed the amount of funds contributed to such an entity. The enterprise shall be governed by a board of directors. The number of directors shall be indicated in the company’s bylaws provided that there should be at least one director who is a resident or registered in Nevis. The international business company shall always have its registered agent in Nevis.

Registration Requirements and Steps

Company formation in Nevis covers passing these approximate registration stages:

  1. Clarifying business goals you intend to realize through a future enterprise.
  2. Selecting and checking a business name for the future entity.
  3. Assigning a registered agent and management of the future enterprise.
  4. Collecting details about future founders and beneficiaries.
  5. Arranging a business address for an enterprise.
  6. Composing statutory and registration documents.
  7. Submitting the prepared package of required documents to the registrar.
  8. Registering for tax and social security purposes.
  9. Opening a corporate bank account.

The exact procedure of company incorporation in Nevis may vary depending on concrete business cases and priorities. For instance, registering an IBC in Nevis is associated with prohibitions on proposing goods/services to residents and conducting specific types of regulated activities (like banking and insurance). Contact Prifinance specialists for more details and suggestions on your prospective registration case.

Legal and Regulatory Framework

The zone is optimal for the development of shipping companies. Legislation is particularly loyal to the construction of international relations and close cooperation between the representatives of various jurisdictions.

The Registrar of Corporations and the Financial Services Regulatory Commission are major state authorities in Nevis. The Nevis Business Corporation Ordinance and the Nevis Limited Liability Company Ordinance are principal legal documents for doing business in this state.

Tax System of Nevis

Registration of a company in Nevis may be beneficial in view of the next tax highlights attributed to this jurisdiction:

  • Corporate income tax rate – 33% (non-resident enterprises taxed on the gains derived from this jurisdiction only)
  • Payroll tax – not applicable
  • Value-added tax rates – (i) standard – 17%, (ii) reduced – 0% or 10% may be applied in certain cases
  • Withholding tax rates (for non-residents) – (i) dividends – 15% (ii) interests – 15% (iii) royalties – 15%
  • Capital gains tax – is not applicable in general.

Advantages of the Jurisdiction

Incorporation of a company in Nevis is associated with the following advantages the jurisdiction offers:

  • Data protection. There is no requirement to disclose the personal data of the founders. They are not entered into the register and are not subject to disclosure.
  • Limited liability. LLC does not provide commitments beyond the limits of company assets in the event of debt. Business owners in this situation will not be responsible for their own property and other liquid assets.
  • Simplicity. Company registration in Nevis does not require personal presence. We will do all the work and send documents by DHL mail service.
  • Loyal legislation. A flexible management system significantly extends the competence of the management bodies. The company is free to develop itself without strict bounding rules.
  • A zero rate of income tax. Activities of companies registered by non-residents are not subject to income tax.
  • In Nevis, there is no foreign exchange control and requirements on mandatory auditing.

How Prifinance Specialists May Help You

While applying for getting legal assistance from Prifinance you may choose one of the ready companies or order the registration of a new company. The whole process will take no more than two weeks.

We offer prompt company registration and bank account opening services in St. Kitts & Nevis and worldwide. New registration and ready-made options. Provide extensive details for more precise consultations and suggestions that can be effective for your future project.


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