Company registration in Nauru

Name of service Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
Reservation of a company name Obtaining approval from the registrar by company name
Set of constituent documents Preparation of a full package of constituent documents of the company of any form of ownership in accordance with the laws of the jurisdiction
Company incorporation Preparation of a full package of documents depending on the chosen form of ownership, communication with authorities on all matters during the registration
Legal address for 1 year We provide a legal address for your company in this jurisdiction, eliminating the need to purchase or rent a property
Apostilled set of constituent documents Documents apostille service and consultation on the types of documents, that require apostille
Seal of the company Registration of the company's seal in accordance with the laws of the jurisdiction
Nominee director and shareholder Provision of individuals and legal entities for appointment to positions in the company
Opening of a bank account Preparation of necessary package of documents and opening a bank account
Total cost
900 USD 1290 USD 1790 USD on request
Annual renewal (paid from the second year)
890 USD 890 USD 1390 USD on request

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Nauru is the world's smallest republic with no capital city. It is located in the Pacific Ocean. In addition to tourism, the jurisdiction can be interesting for doing business, as it offers favorable opportunities for offshore registration.

Advantages of registering offshore in Nauru

Having a company in Nauru is profitable because of the following advantages of the region:

  • no applicable taxes for local companies;
  • high level of business confidentiality and bank secrecy;
  • the simplicity of the process of incorporation and maintenance of companies;
  • absence of currency control.

How to register a business in Nauru?

Opening or buying a business in Nauru as an international business company (IBC) is possible. It is a company with limited financial and legal responsibility of the participants - only within the limits of the shares they own. It can be founded by one participant (individual or legal person) and require one director.

Procedure for registering a company in Nauru

To open a company in Nauru, you must go through a series of interrelated steps:

  1. Formalizing a relationship with a local registered agent.
  2. Selection of a business name for a company in Nauru.
  3. >Search and registration of an official address for the company in Nauru.
  4. Drafting and execution of incorporation documents (company memorandum and articles of association) and registration forms.
  5. Payment of incorporation fees and filing package of documents for review.
  6. Formalize the company in Nauru for tax purposes and mandatory social contributions.
  7. Opening bank accounts for a company in Nauru.
  8. Obtaining additional permits and licenses (e.g., for insurance and financial activities).

Regulatory environment and taxation in Nauru

Foreigners have full access to the benefits of the jurisdiction equally with local citizens - 100% foreign ownership is allowed. Nauru has no minimum share capital or tax requirements. Still, citizens from the U.S. and other highly developed nations must report income earned in Nauru to the country of residence. This nuance allows Nauru to be offshore without being blocked by the FATF as a country with a potentially high risk of money laundering.

How Prifinance lawyers can assist

Suppose the task of buying a company in Nauru or opening a business in Nauru has come up. In that case, the lawyers at Prifinance are ready to develop an individual plan for registration and support of the business to provide it with the maximum benefits.


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