Estonia Investment License

In Estonia investment and financial activity is regulated by the legislation developed according to EU directives and requirements. Therefore the activity performance should be provided with a license, which is issued by Financial inspection. It is valid throughout the territory of the European Union (it is only necessary to notify the corresponding supervising authorities), its action has no restrictions on terms.

The Registration Documentation and Licensing Procedure

Establishing a company for a licensed activity realization, it is necessary to collect a volumetric package of documents. “Prifinance” company will help customers in it, as well as in a procedure of permissions reception. We provide the support at all stages of the procedure and render:

  • a help in collection, preparation and submission documents to the authorities;
  • a support in the company operation organization, license reception;
  • consultations on all issues of a customer.

After registration of a company according to the rules established by Estonia the investment license requires the following actions in the following sequence:

  • a package of documents is collected: an application in the name of company`s Board, constituent documents, personal information on board of directors and shareholders, business plan, reporting, confirmation of an authorized capital availability;
  • a petition is submitted. The commission considers it from two to six months;
  • a decision is taken -if the applicant has the working premises which correspond to the requirements, necessary professional skills, did not violate rules in the past the license shall be given to him.
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