Belize Investment License

Belize is a state convenient for offshore activity with the legislation adapted for investors’ needs. However, it is required to receive a special license from the authorities for the majority of activity types. The license is issued by International Commission of the country regulating financial services as a whole. Therefore, despite of a variety of names (Forex trade, trust management, currency exchange, credit operations, financial and consulting services and so on), the issue procedure is practically identical.

Procedure of the License acquisition

In state of Belize the investment license is issued in case of an availability of the registration documentation, an authorized capital (its amount varies depending on the activity type) as well as duties paid.

The procedure is divided into several stages:

  • Registration of the company, which will apply for the license. Usually it takes 24 hours and more and will require a submission of a filled-in form, a copy of passport and paid services with translation into English (as well as their notarization).
  • Opening of an account in a bank, which jurisdiction should be Belize. The investment license is issued after a deposition of own money funds into the account (from 25 to 500 thousand USD depending on the type) and their freezing for the whole period of activity.
  • Payment of a registration fee, an annual duty for the license (2.5-5 thousand USD).
  • A transfer of all documentation to IFSC for consideration and approval. It issues the answer usually in 4-8 weeks.

To receive the documents it is necessary to have a person having a financial or a legal education in the company’s staff. A director,-being a resident of the country,  an address for registration and recommendations from bank and a professional law or audit company are also required.

Advantages of Cooperation with Prifinance

The investment license for the state of Belize is an important regulating document and the country`s authorities strictly monitor an observance of its registration rules. Experts from consulting company Prifinance will help you to successfully start the activity and not to make a mistake at a key stage. We are engaged in registration work professionally and for a long time, we have all instruments necessary for it and therefore we will ensure the license receipt within the shortest term.

The cooperation with Prifinance means:

  • a complete support complex;
  • an operative solution of the assigned task;
  • an individual approach to the cost of services.
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