Kahnawake Gambling license

Online casinos located in Kahnawake possess many advantages:

  • possibility to obtain a betting license and a separate poker license;
  • the well-structured legislation, similar to the Australian laws;
  • prestige and good reputation of the jurisdiction;
  • tax preferences, etc.

The Kahnawake Gaming Commission strictly monitors the conformity of companies with a high reputational level and requires operators to:

  • set up age limits, restrictions on appeals of a player’s family and others;
  • have a website feedback system and technical support;
  • develop an effective model of data leakage protection;
  • draw up the easy to understand instructions for the use of a website and game rules in English and publish them on a website (plus any others rules according to the owner’s wishes);
  • pay out winnings in due time.

Features of Gambling Licensing in Kahnawake

There are four licensing models for establishing online casinos in Kahnawake:

  • Interactive Gaming Licenses: only one license should be issued to one hosting registered in the jurisdiction;
  • Client Provider Authorization (СРА) for the authorized client provider: there is no limit on the number of CPA’s issued; the holder of a valid CPA may establish any type of interactive gaming and betting;
  • Inter-Jurisdictional Authorization (secondary license) issued to an entity that holds a valid interactive gaming license issued by another jurisdiction (the “primary jurisdiction”) and that wants to locate some or all of its equipment and personnel within the territory of Kahnawake;
  • Key Person Licenses issued to a person who performs managerial functions for the entity that holds a CPA.

The companies wishing to receive licenses have to pay an application fee (from C$5,000 for Key Person License and up to C$25,000 for CPA). Moreover, it is also obligatory to test software testing, by paying C$15,000. The license renewal will cost C$10,000.

With the assistance of professionals from Prifinance, you’ll be able to correctly and quickly register a company and obtain a license. We help our customers to rapidly and fully start a successful business.

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