Curacao Gambling license

Curacao stands out among other current jurisdictions providing favorable conditions for online gambling. There are quite a lot of reasons why entrepreneurs choose this State to get a gambling license. Primarily, because online casinos in Curacao shall obtain a mandatory license confirming the stability and reliability of such a gambling provider.

Moreover, the Island has a well-developed infrastructure and communication system. Here, in contrast to other jurisdictions, there is no classification of the gambling business and the relatively lenient demands are put forward for those who are willing to obtain a gambling license.

Rules for Licensing Online Gambling Business

In Curacao, online gambling is governed by a special law under which such companies can obtain a license in two ways:

  • directly from the Curacao Department of Justice;
  • through the issuance of a sublicense by a primary license holder.

Prifinance will assist in starting a gambling business in any jurisdiction, including in Curacao. Registration of a company and further license obtaining will pass quickly and fully in compliance with the current legislation of the State with the assistance of our skilled professionals. Furthermore, a company applying for the licensing of an online casino in Curacao should fulfill the following conditions:

  • to be registered at the Chamber of Commerce of the Netherlands Antilles;
  • to get the status of a legal entity (domestic or offshore);
  • to possess a resident of the Antilles among the company managers;
  • to host the company’s servers within the State;
  • to ensure auditing of gaming systems;
  • to provide a player who made a deposit with support;
  • to pay out winnings to players, while maintaining minimal resources;
  • to avoid cooperation with individuals under 18 and residents of the Antilles.
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